Top 10 Hollywood Actors Who Wear Glasses

In the world of Tinseltown, there are many actors who always look stylish, whether that’s on-screen, off-screen or on the red carpet. Even though wearing glasses is usually for reading and improving eyesight, for many actors, wearing glasses has become a part of their trademark look and a key aspect of their style.

Here are the top 10 Hollywood actors who wear glasses.

1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the top film actors of our time, having starred in multiple highly rated and grossing movies – such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Sleep Hollow and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

He’s often been voted as one of the Sexiest Men Alive, and we think that his pair of designer frames adds to his suave appearance.


2. Justin Timberlake

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Once a member of the boy band N*SYNC, Justin Timberlake has since gone on to become a successful singer-songwriter and film actor, having appeared in movies such as The Social Network and Bad Teacher.

Not only that, but he looks pretty handsome with a pair of specs too.

3. Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto is a film producer and actor, well-renowned for his roles in sci-fi TV shows and films including Heroes, Star Trek and American Horror Story: Asylum.

He often looks very dapper on the red carpet too, especially with a pair of glasses on.


4. Brad Pitt

Top film actor and all round heartthrob – what’s not to love about this guy?

Brad Pitt has appeared many movies over the span of his career, including Thelma & Louise, Mr & Mrs Smith, Allied, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ocean’s Thirteen and The Big Short.

Plus, he looks pretty good wearing a snazzy pair of specs.

Ray Ban

5. Robert Downey Jr.

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The son of underground filmmaker Robert Downey Snr, Robert Downey Jr has established his own film career in his own right, with starring roles in movies such as Iron Man, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, The Judge and Tropic Thunder.

He likes to wear a quirky pair of spectacles too.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch

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Benedict Cumberbatch is the ultimate actor. He has had numerous roles in theatre, film and TV.

He’s also appeared on the front covers of GQ, Time and The Hollywood Reporter, and on many ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ lists – it’s not hard to see why.

7. Steve Carell

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Steve Carell is not just a film actor.

He’s also a comedian, director, producer and writer, and has had significant television roles in shows such as The Office and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. He’s clearly got many strings to his bow.


8. Chiwetel Ejiofor

The Martian (2015).

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Having started his acting career from a very young age, Chiwetel Ejiofor has had many film roles, including playing the character Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave and Karl Mordo in Doctor Strange.

He has also won many awards for his portrayals (including a BAFTA) and he was even awarded a CBE by the Queen.

9. Luke Evans

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Welsh actor Luke Evans started his acting career in theatre in the West End, but now he’s a major star of the big screen.

He’s performed in many films: The Girl on The Train, Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Robin Hood and Clash of the Titans.

10. Colin Firth

Last but not least, how could we finish this list of our top picks of Hollywood actors without mentioning Colin Firth?

As well acting in starring roles in film and television – most notably Love Actually, Bridget Jones’ Diary, The King’s Speech, Mama Mia and Nanny McPhee – he is a total English gentleman.


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