Jessica Simpson’s 3 Best Sunglasses Looks


If there is one successful singer, actor, entrepreneur, who has achieved success in whatever she has done so far, then it has to be Jessica Simpson. The Sweet Kisses singer is one of the hottest celebrities who has plenty of fans and followers on social media, which is fully justified too.

Jessica has got the hot beach body and what do you need when you’re out in the sun all this time?  Yep, that’s right, sunglasses.

But Jessica Simpson being Jessica Simpson doesn’t settle for plain sunglasses, take a look through our three favourite sunglasses looks from her Instagram account for some serious shades inspiration:

The Selfie-Loving Girl Look

One Jessica Simpson look we absolutely loved was her big bold round and full rimmed sunglasses (no, we did not miss the pout for the selfie either). Although you can’t see them hidden behind Jessica’s golden windswept locks, the Prada PR27NS has distinctive arms with a Baroque flair.  

Perfect to wear on a hot summer day, this pair of sunglasses lifts any look for fans of big celebrity styled sunglasses. You can’t go wrong with Prada and their dedication in producing high quality eyewear.  Available in six different colour combinations, though we dig this Black and grey gradient other colour combinations include top colour with contrasting arms.

Prada PR 27 NS sunglasses

The Boho Look

Perfect sunset in my backyard #nofilter A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

Another Jessica Simpson look she got right on-trend is going for a gold/ transparent frame with an oversized round rimmed design and that’ll be the Chloe C114ES!

Suitable for any true fashionista out there, they are light and perfect for a 60’s throw-back look for yourself this summer. The Chloe sunglasses come in various other colour combinations to style up on other days of the week, or seasons, too. 

The Country Girl Look:

Get your rock ‘n’ roll on – new sunnies in stock now!

A photo posted by Jessica Simpson Collection (@jessicasimpsonstyle) on

Jessica Simpson loves sunglasses so much she even has her own sunglasses range!  We don’t think they’re available in the UK yet, but for a frame with a full beige rim we’d recommend Versace‘s VE4271B.

Much like Jessica’s Chloe sunglasses, this pair would fit right in with this year’s seventies throwback trend.

Versace VE4271B sunglasses

Do you like Jessica’s sunglasses style?  Which pair of sunglasses were you favourite?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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