Top 4 Style Tips For Round Glasses

Gold rimmed round glasses

Make way for retro style round lenses, as they are making a big come back in 2017.

However, they can be a tricky trend to nail. Get it wrong, and you will look like you’re off to an exclusive cocktail party dressed as Harry Potter in year 3.

But, nail this look, and you will win serious kudos in style points.

Follow these four essentials tips to make sure you are achieving the latter.

1) Dark frames: Keep make-up to a minimum

Round glasses with a dark frame are a big statement, and you need to let these accessories do all the talking.

Keep your make-up neutral and to a  minimum with these frames – no bright lipstick and heavy eyeliner here! Use a nude lip, skin-toned eyeshadow and small amount of contour / blush. Same goes for your hair – keep it simple so it doesn’t detract from your beautiful specs.

Style sample: take a peek at Kendall Jenner in these beautiful tortoiseshell rimmed frames.

2) Frames to Suit your Colour

There are so many different colours, patterns and thicknesses of round frames to choose from – it’s hard to know where to start! Make sure you take the colour of your skin and hair into consideration when deciding upon styles.

Fair skin and light hair will pair amazingly with similar light coloured glasses such as the G-Star RAW GS2104 glasses. The light tone doesn’t overpower your complexion and take attention away from your features.

G-Star RAW GS2104


Dark skin and thick haired women can get away with a much bolder pair of round glasses such as the Savannah P2375 in black.

Savannah P2375 – Black


3) Keep the outfit chic – not geek!

Formerly, round glasses were the ultimate nerdy piece of eyewear, adorned by geeks worldwide.

Fortunately for us, this isn’t the case anymore. But you need to make sure your outfit doesn’t pull your style back into the realms of ‘dorkiness.’ Pair your round lenses with super elegant attire, classic jewellery pieces and striking footwear. Optionally, go in the total opposite direction by embracing the carelessly cool ‘grunge’ look.

Take Mary-Kate Olsen’s outfit here: her laid-back monochrome and ‘lived-in’ hair elevate her round sunglasses to a new level of cool.

4) The right style for your face shape

As there are so many different styles of round glasses, you will eventually find ‘The One’ to suit your face shape perfectly.

Most might doubt they could pull off rounded glasses, but with a bit of styling anyone can rock this trend.

It can be difficult to style round glasses with a round face, but it never say never.

Round faces generally have the same height and width, with a curved jaw and rounded cheeks. The best option for round-faced individuals would be to choose slim frames with angular edges such as this Tesla Pure Titanium 5816 pair, giving your face more definition and shape instead of blending into your features.

Tesla Pure Titanium 5816

Tesla Pure Titanium 5816

If you have a square face, the same height as width, but with more angled features such as a strong jaw, then you can get away with bold glasses such as these beautiful Fendi FF 0067’s. The rounded angles of the glasses will look fantastic on your square face by balancing out your features.

Fendi FF 0067

Fendi FF 0067

If you have a heart-shaped face, where your jaw is narrow with slim cheekbones, then you will look fantastic in very strong round glasses such as the Dior MONTAIGNE9 pair. Heavy-rimmed glasses balance out your jaw and bring focus to the centre of your face and gorgeous cheekbones.



Oval-faces which are longer than they are wide have rounded features. This type can get away with wearing almost any style of round glasses. However, you want to make sure that the glasses don’t detract from the perfect balance of your features, so perhaps go for something like this Hallmark 6008 pair which simply emphasise the shape of your face.

Hallmark 6008

Hallmark 6008

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