Top 5 Glasses for Women


Practicality is important when it comes to our eyes and we all need a pair of glasses that are both stylish and wearable. Wearable glasses should be comfortable without sacrificing style and it’s even better if they’re affordable too.

Everyone loves a bargain, so that’s why I’ve picked out our the top 5 wearable frames for ladies.  Taken from our best selling budget options, there’s something for everyone at a modest price:

1.  Savannah 2249


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Cute, feminine and a little bit out there.

The Savannah 2249 have a bit of everything and are perfect if you’re a bit of a girly girl that loves to stand out. Animal print on semi-transparent pulls together any work, casual or night-out look in both a fashionable and quirky way.

No worries if you’re not keen on the print, seach ‘2249’ on our site to see other colour options such as Havana, Shiny or Matte black and more.  Ready for single, bifocal and varifocal lenses, these practical and wearable frames are perfect for anyone who loves a pop of colour in their eyewear.

2.  Infinity A6617


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The Infinity A6617 design is simple but stylish with a flatterin square design.  This style of frame is perfect for any hard working woman who wants to look the part, without drawing too much attention to her glasses. These frames are bold from the sides and understated at the front for the perfect mix of fierce and flattering.

These glasses are stylishly no nonsense and the best of the wearable budget basics. Ready for use with single vision lenses, these frames are the perfect every day pair from home, to the office, to the dance floor!

3.  Savannah 2439


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If you’re looking for an arty, statement style then the Savannah 2439 could be just the ticket. With a softer rounded edge, these frames would look super cute on those with smaller, rounder features. It’s slightly oversized design stands out, so why not pair them with a bright, lipstick that pops to really set the tone?

These glasses aren’t just beautiful, they’re super practical too; no matter what your vision needs, these glasses can work for you and are available with single, bifocal and varifocal lenses. Thanks to their simple design, they can be worn for any occasion without getting in the way of everyday life, making them a sure fire hit wherever you go and a great way to combine simple with sexy.

4.  Savannah 2444


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The Savannah 2444, pictured here in Havana (other colours available), ooze elegance in every single way. They’re totally wearable but still give off that hint of edgy vintage glamour that will stop people in their tracks.

What makes these delightful is flexibility, we selected the Havana option because let’s face it, what doesn’t go with Havana?

5.  Savannah 2264


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Beautiful thick frames and a contrasting light colouring on the inside are what make Savannah 2264 frames a cut above the rest. Purple is great colour for glasses because it suits so many different skin tones and hair colours.

Opting for this frame also allows you to inject a little bit of colour into your look, without it being too overbearing. Ready for every type of lens, these frames are suitable for everyone. So whether you need them for driving and reading or simple every day wear, you can look great and feel comfortable at a fantastic price.

Let us know what your favourite frame is at SelectSpecs in the comments section below.

Want to see the Top 5 Glasses for the fellas?  Come this way.

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