Top 5 Sights To See In Guatemala

It is not for noughts that the name Guatemala means land of trees being blessed with a nature that lives, grows and offers the vastest and wildest jungles of the world.

A land where the currency is named after a beautiful bird: the quetzal.

A country that is rich in culture; known for steep volcanoes, and ancient Mayan sites.

Even though Guatemala is not well recognized for its beaches, they have some sublime waterfronts, such as Monterrico and Livingston.

The local people make it hard to depart once entangled by their affectionate nature and their welcoming savoir-faire, always inviting you to have a chela (beer) with them and some luscious tortillas.

Along these lines, be aware if you are planning on visiting Guatemala as you will most possibly get tempted to relocate!

Although it is a small country, there are a variety of things you can do while visiting.

However for reasons of page space in this article there will be 5 of the most alluring places mentioned.

1. Tikal

La espalda del Gran Jaguar 😱😱😱 @perhapsyouneedalittleguatemala 🇬🇹 📷 @kenielvisionz

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A place like no other, the ghostly metropolis once inhabited by the Mayan population vanished and was abandoned thousands of years ago.

Nowadays a touristic attraction assembled by a solid construction of temple ruins.

You need to climb up the Temple of the Masks, or Templo II to enjoy the breathtaking view over the Plaza and the Templo I: the Temple of the Jaguar.

This can be a little tiresome, but it’s worth the endeavor.

Take a tour with one of the native Mayan heritage guides that will tell you the most original stories and how their life in the rainforest used to be before the government forced them to move to the city.

Lake Atitlán: San Marcos La Laguna

A laid-back lakeside full of mediation and Yoga.

For many Canadians it is the place to be as I noticed upon my encounters with other tourists.

The Yoga Forest was established some years ago in the mountains of San Marcos de la Laguna.

Although their little sheds offer a great view and their program seemed to be very environment-friendly and soul-caring, I found it somehow truly business-oriented, which in a way took away the spiritual objective of the project.

In the town centre you will find lovely restaurants with delicious exotic smoothies.

You definitely need to stop by the Shambhala Cafe for a refreshing healthy smoothie and let your tongue fuse with their mouthwatering cakes.

Lake Atitlán: Panajachel

The holiday resort of the Chapines, as the Guatemalans call themselves!

In Panajachel, also known as Pana, you will find a little busy town also located at the shores of the great Lake Atitlán.

What’s truly astonishing in Pana is the volcano panorama it offers.

Besides, you will get the full load of culture at the markets, on the streets, watching people in the traditional clothes selling local fruits, and local cuisines.

A real venture.

Semuc Champey

Is this paradise #semucchampey #Lanquin #Guatemala

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It’s impossible to leave Guatemala without visiting Semuc Champey: Guatemala’s natural swimming pool wonder.

Six jacuzzi-reminiscent limestone pools with clear turquoise blue water conceived by Mother Nature surrounded by lush deep dark green rainforest.

The hike in the jungle gives you the perfect overview, admission into the park is only around 50 Quetzales, and the view from above at the “El Mirador” is the picture you want to hang as a canvas in your living room.

Buy homemade chocolate from the local children, it will most likely be burnt but the smiles on their faces will be the greatest reward.


Walk down any of these cobblestone streets and you get a view of a volcano. I like this place.

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The formal capital hasn’t lost its past glamour.

It’s a central point for the jade industry and shopping for artisanal goods.

What makes the shopping experience more exciting are the roads and colourful facades of a distinguished neo-colonial style, which strongly call to the Spanish conquest.

In former times, Antigua was forgotten by the people.

Nowadays, the ancient facades mix with the youthful energy foreign and Guatemalan visitors bring from far.

Stop by the restaurant Cerro San Cristóbal with its own organic farm, and enjoy the volcano spectacle!

Talking about spectacle: The patterns of the Celine CL 41026/S are reminiscent to the name of Tikal’s Jaguar Temple and a great companion to exult in your holidays.


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