Top 5 Luxury Fashion Frames for Men

It’s a well known fact some of the world’s coolest guys wear glasses:  James Bond, Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, Martin Scorsese – we’re talking more of a Clark Kent kind of cool, rather than a zany Elton John look. With trends such as geeky-chic getting hotter and hotter there’s no reason not to set your sights high when choosing a new pair of designer glasses.  Of course it doesn’t have to be designer but when you’ve got a choice between a Ferrari or a Peugeot, which one would you go for? So to save you some time here’s a pick of the best five.

Tom Ford FT5276 with clip-on

When you’re looking for style so sharp it could cut through steel, figuratively speaking, Tom Ford is the go-to man.  Working his way through fashion-houses like Gucci he soon made a name for himself and continues to be at the forefront of design and the same story goes for his line of eye-wear of course.  Especially these popular thick-rimmed frames  made even cooler by the clip-on green shades, for any of those quirky Hunter S. Thompson types.

This particular frame comes in different sizes to suit all face types and six different colours with different shades to choose from too.  Or without the shades, if you’re not a fan. Quite a popular choice already on Selectspecs, make that serious decision here for £266.35.

Mont Blanc MB0431

Mont Blanc gives another serious nod to the past by bringing the Aviator frame back into everyday wear, where it deservedly belongs.  The slim gold frame alone proves glasses don’t have to be black framed and thick rimmed to be on trend and slide in easily to either your office or casual get-up.

If they’re not much of a competitor for you, there’s also £20 off at the moment if that sways your verdict.  There’s two gold frames with a choice of black or blue temples or silver pair with Havana detail.  Your choice for £179.55.

Burberry BE2150

So you’re not looking for anything fancy or obtrusive and instead going for a more subtle level of sophistication?  Burberry have got it covered with this simple yet classic design.  Sleek and suited for all occasions, the Burberry logo on the top of the arm just completes the polished look.

Also available in a Dark Havana, a seriously cool Brown and Blue Horn.  Any would look fantastic with a trench coat, going for a laid-back price of £147 take a further look here.

Giorgio Armani AR7010

No other designer can lock down the refined vintage look quite like Giorgio Armani and it certainly doesn’t go a miss here.  The 1940’s thin arm and thick frame combination are becoming more and more popular alongside other hot trends like men’s horn-rimmed glasses. Guaranteed to look great as long as you’ve got both confidence and style.

Already ticked both of those points off in your head?  Good, then you know what the next step is. There’s a choice of five different shades, the Havana pair above being my favourite but there is also a Blonde Havana for those who are more daring and serious about their vintage vibe.  Currently going for £194.40 take a look here.

Mont Blanc MB0485

Alright, so the geeky chic look isn’t exactly your thing and it doesn’t have to be.  Going designer isn’t about going back in time to wear the glasses your Dad used to wear, or even your Grandad for that matter.  Mont Blanc are notoriously good at keeping things modern, sleek and well, non-pretentious.  Crafted brilliantly from metal, comfort is just as important as style.

Colours are either Shiny Dark Ruthenium, like above or a toned down Grey.  Originally going for £323.40 it’s the second frame in the list with a bit of a price hack at the moment.   For £291.06, they’re yours.

One last final word – don’t forget most of these frames include free lenses, coatings and delivery.  You can’t argue with that.  Already ordered yours or have a pair which didn’t make it to the list?  Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments section below.

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