Top 5 Most WTF Glasses & Shades

We all know that, from time to time, fashion designers like to throw caution to the wind and let loose with any number of crazy ideas for their upcoming collection.

On occasion, these designs are an absolute hit with A-listers from around the world, and soon, everyone catches adrift of the new, “out there” looks.

On other occasions, however, these creations will be looked upon with confusion or contempt and be banished into the psychic realms of “What on Earth were they thinking!?”  In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of those designs and wondering exactly that.

From the try-hards to the maybe-try-a-little-harder all the way up to the try-not-to-be-sick, we’ll be featuring some of the most WTF? eyewear. From designers who might have thought they were “pushing the boundaries of fashion” but ended up just pushing people away.

Let’s take a look!

1) USA Shades

First up on our list are Jeremy Scott’s USA Shades.

So, where to begin? Aside from being completely impractical, the USA Shades double as a nose guard for all those terrible smells you may come across in day to day life.

In all seriousness, however, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country of origin. But making one big USA-shaped lens to show how much of a patriot you are seems a little silly, no?

Karl Lagerfeld once stated that Jeremy Scott was the only designer that could possibly succeed him at Chanel, which, in an age of rising nationalism and Trump presidency, could be an ideal way of Chanel expanding its market share and reaching previously untapped, uber-patriotic customers.

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2) Sticker Glasses

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Er, what? Sticker glasses?”

And you would be right to do so. However, these shades are not all that they seem. The brainchild of British designers Azumi & David, these sunglasses answer the age-old question of “how do we make 2D glasses that remain on your face?

The answer? By making glasses-shaped stickers and praying that nobody cares too much about their eyelashes or eyebrows.

As tempting as it may be to forgo the often expensive task of finding your perfect pair of sunglasses and opt for an easier, stickier option, think about the possible expenses of having to have your eyebrows tattooed back on before choosing any sunglasses that involve applying adhesive to your face.

Fortunately, it turns out that Azumi & David weren’t actually being serious with this design, as their web copy states, “this is meant to be packing tape, everyone. Put down the pitchforks. It turns out the joke’s on us.” Phew!

If you’re looking for sunglasses that won’t remove your eyebrows but will protect your eyes, take a look at our collection of polarised sunglasses.

3) Fringe Sunglasses

Ah yes, shades that come with a fringe instead of lenses, for those whose eyelashes just aren’t long enough.

Reminiscent of the bead curtains popularised in the 1960’s, the idea of replacing traditional lenses with a fringe is something that is lost on nearly all but A-list stars, fashionistas and their followers. Even stars such as Beyoncé, that’s right, Queen B herself have been seen sporting shades of this kind. Although it remains to be seen whether any of her fans actually decided this was enough to rush out and buy a pair themselves.

The impracticality of these sunglasses speaks for itself, but when has high-fashion ever been about practicality? Jean-Paul Gaultier’s own attempt to design pair looked akin to the tail of a peacock, and don’t even think about wearing them in strong winds.

If you’re looking for a taste of Beyoncé’s unmistakable style, our Marc Jacobs MMJ 351/S full rim sunglasses are the perfect way to emulate Bey.


4) Lace Sunglasses

My favorite pair of #laceglasses

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Next up on our list is, yes, you read that correctly, lace sunglasses.

Not satisfied with just having lace underwear? No problem. Chanel has got you covered.

These sunglasses are another design that does away with the traditional lens and opts for something a little more unusual. Whilst these shades are admittedly tamer than some of the other designs featured on this list, we think that the very idea of replacing glass or plastic with lace earns them a place.

Undoubtedly, the lace is probably not going to do you any favours when it comes to blocking out harmful UV rays or minimising glare, however, what they lack in protection, they most certainly make up for in style.

If you’ve ever had the desire (as I’m sure we all have) to wear lingerie on your face, these are definitely the shades for you!

For sunglasses by Karl Lagerfeld that are a little less WTF and little more WOW, check out some of our favourites from his collection


5) Body Mod Glasses

Body modification is something that, at first, seems relatively harmless. That is until someone comes along and does something that either makes you cringe or cry.

In this case, it is the former. The concept was originally thought up by James Sooy while working with Oliver Gibson and involves implanting magnets into the bridge of your nose enabling flat frames to then attach to them and, presto, you’ve taken your first steps down the path of transhumanism.

While they’re not currently available to paying customers just yet, rest assured that if and when they ever do become purchasable, people will either love them or hate them. Sure, your glasses are less likely to fall off your face if you have a couple of strong magnets drilled into the bridge of your nose, but the downside is you have to drill a couple of strong magnets into the bridge of your nose.


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