Top 5 Recommendations in Helsinki

At a first glance, Helsinki may not seem like a place you would want to spend longer than 2-3 days exploring, especially on the dark winter days. However, there is scope for some exciting memories if you just look in the right places.

Whilst you are in Finland, it may be worth planning a few days out in nature – which would be an incredible experience in its own right.

In fact, there are certain parts of Finland you would witness the Norther Lights as well.

Ideally couple your Helsinki trip with some nature-inspired travels so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Here are 5 experiences you should try whilst in Helsinki.

The Sauna

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Saunas are a big thing in Helsinki, in fact almost every building would have one.

It is almost certain that the hotel that you stay at in Helsinki also has a sauna. Preferably, go to a spa in Helsinki and get the full treatment – sauna and a plunge pool.

In fact, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to do so. Visit the Allas Sea Pool, just next to Market Square where you can get your sauna experience followed by a swim in a Baltic sea pool.

The saunas would be an even more appreciated experience if you are visiting in winter – it will provide some well-deserved thawing.


City Walking Tour 

If you are around in summer, especially if you are lucky, you will catch some summer heat.

However, regardless of when in the year you visit, it is worth signing up for a city walking tour. It’s the best way to get familiar with the city and learn a bit about its diverse history.

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‘Free From’ Food Heaven

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If you are vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, following a raw diet or prefer a health-conscious diet, Helsinki is definitely the place for you.

You will not need to explain what vegan means, everybody knows! Almost every restaurant has a vegan option, has lactose alternatives and clearly state what items are gluten free.

If there was any city that understands “free from” food, Helsinki is it. You will find a lot of these restaurants in Kallio (also known as the hipster part of town).

For example, go try some food at Silvoplee – if you know the struggle of finding ‘free from’ food, this place will have your heart (and stomach) singing.

Cocktails & Sunsets


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There is always time for sunset cocktails. Visit the Clarion Hotel rooftop bar (probably the highest point you will manage to get to in Helsinki).

It is a bit far from the centre, but with a tram it is a quick commute. Watch the sun set over the city and see if you can spot out the sites you saw on your walking tour.

If you are a fan of cocktails, there are also a few secret bars dotted around Helsinki (I obviously cannot tell you where).

Go find them and try their cocktails – they are pricy (as is any alcoholic beverage in Helsinki) but so flavourful and well-made.


Take a Break From the City

Kamppi Chapel of Silence, Helsinki. @osantamaria10

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After you have seen enough of the city, take a quick respite at the Chapel of Silence, in the heart of the city.

The change between the busy, noisy outdoors and the pin-drop-silence inside is intense. I would highly recommend catching a bit of re-centering time in the chapel – just make sure you stay quiet.


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