Top 5 Style Hacks For Men

As much as we love a hot summer, when you throw work and formalwear into the mix, it can quickly become a nightmare. A hot nightmare.

Whether it’s sweltering in a suit on the tube or having an hour-long debate with yourself as to whether this year is the year you wear shorts into the office, summer heat can be a cruel mistress.

It’s enough to make you want to stay indoors on a permanent basis.

However, sadly that is not an option, and there are products, clothing and our list of handy summer hacks that will help in your hour (or summer) of need.

Smarter Packing

Flying and travellng can be stressful enough without adding a heatwave into the mix.

Save time and effort by streamlining your packing with these tips:


1. Keep a ‘travel drawer’ at home with all of the items that you might take when you go on a trip.

From your passport to your travel adaptor or your spare toothbrush and your sunglasses, storing these items in a drawer or an empty luggage case will save you time if you’re a frequent flyer.


2. Pile everything neatly next to your bag before you pack. This makes it easier to make your selection.


3. Pack footwear into the bottom (or the wheel end) of your suitcase.

This saves your clothes from becoming crushed.


4. Stuff balled socks and any valuables into shoes (make sure valuable are inside socks for protection).

Use rolled underwear, T-shirts etc. to fill any gaps in the suitcase.


Vest Control

Keep sweat at bay with a vest designed to absorb moisture and reduce sweating.

These are great for use under a suit or just for everyday.

The Cool & Fresh vests at Marks & Spencer or AIRism vests at Uniqlo are excellent choices.



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Linen has gained its reputation as king of the summer fabrics for a reason.

However, make sure you don’t go too light and loose.

Heavier and slim fit styles might seem like the wrong choice in the heat, but the right balance will mean that you stay cool in both senses of the word.


Wax Attack

Ever been stung by melting wax?

If you’ve ever had hair wax melt down your forehead and into your eyes, you’ll know what we mean

. In the summer, reach for sea-salt spray instead – and try and opt for a product that states ‘non-greasy’ on the bottle.


Underarm Defense

In the heat, you may find that your normal deodorant isn’t really doing it for you anymore.

If you decide to switch to something a bit stronger then an over-the-counter option is more effective than your average deodorant.

If you want to try something else before going to the extreme, then Molton Brown’s Sport range is a good choice (and smells delicious).

You can also try sweat absorbers – also called ‘dress shields’.

There are a lot of different ways you can go with sweat absorbers, though the fabric versions seem the most discreet.

You can also sew them into your T-shirts so that they become a permanent fixture.

If you’re left struggling still you can always consider MiraDry.

MiraDry is a treatment used to fix excessive sweating using electromagnetic waves to shut down the sweat glands in your armpits.

It’s non-invasive, permanent and considered as a safe treatment to correct the problem.

Protect yourself from the sun with the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator style:


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