Top 5 Style Tips For Working Out

Look stylish whilst working out
Look stylish whilst working out

Love it or hate it, we all know just how important it is for our health to keep fit and work out. It’s key to try and stay as motivated as possible, and one great way to do this is to invest in some incredible workout gear for looking stylish whilst you get your sweat on.

Whether you change up your clothes, your hair or your eyewear, it’s easy to make some quick changes to your activewear wardrobe. Take some inspiration from some of Instagram’s most modish fitness gurus below.

1. Jazz Up Your Leggings

American-born Jen Selter demonstrates just how stylish a simple sports bra and pair of leggings can look.

Rather than just opting for a standard black legging, Jen adds so much more colour to her ensemble by going for a dip-dye print. Most big brands stock leggings in a variety of patterns, colours and textiles now – so there’s no excuse for being boring!

2. Detailed Sports Bras

My Healthy Eating and Exercise Programs👆🏼In profile! ~ "Action overcomes procrastination” Working out not only makes you strong physically but mentally too. When you commit yourself to something like working out it teaches you to become self disciplined. Working out is the same as getting up in life and going after what you want. If you take action you will get the results. Sitting on the couch will not make you grow muscle or burn fat nor will it allow you to reach the goals in your life like succeeding in your career. When I go to the gym it really helps me to get in a positive mind frame, focus, take action and stop procrastinating. If ever I feel down or unmotivated I head to the gym for a workout and I always leave feeling better, happier and motivated! It’s true what they say, you never regret a workout! You will probably regret not working out though…as well as not doing other things in your life. Procrastination & excuses won’t give you results – action does. No more procrastinating – take action and get it done! 😉 . 👻 Snapchat: emilyskyefit . @emilyskyefitness @emilyskyebeauty @emily_skye2 .

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If you don’t want to draw attention to your bottom and legs, then another fab option would be to invest in a top or a bra with a bit of added detail, like Emily Skye here.

Her crop top not only elevates her outfit to new levels of cool, it will also have the benefit of adding extra support whilst working out.

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Wear One Colour

Kelsey Wells of MySweatLife demonstrates that being bold enough to wear workout gear in the same colours or shade looks super cool.

Don’t think twice about wearing the same pattern all over – just take a look at Anna Victoria in her matching crop top and leggings below. Dressing in the same pattern or colour is can be super flattering too – the matching pieces will have the effect of lengthening your body.

Who's ready for a new challenge? 😉🙋 Many of you saw my Facebook Live video yesterday with @Livestrong_com where I gave you a sneak peek into the 6 week challenge 💪 #bloopersandall 😝 but if you didn't, here's some info: it's a free challenge (similar to the 28 day slay!) and each week a new video will be released with a new workout. Each workout is 5 mins so it's intended to be added onto your existing workout, or to repeat the circuit for the amount of time you'd like your workout to be! Each workout focuses on total body toning: there are 2 lower body moves, 2 upper body, and 1 core move. You can find the video on or my Facebook page 🤗 Tag a friend to join you! #6WeekSpringShred #MakeItHappenMarch #FBGgirls!

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4) Test New Hairstyles

Sometimes, we get stuck in a hair-based rut, where we stick with the same boring hairstyle each time we work out.

It’s time to branch out from the basic pony and take some time to learn some easy and quick hairstyles which will make you look so much more chic.

Anna Victoria in the picture above has perfected the elusive messy bun style – the perfect way to get all of your hair out of your face whilst still looking stylish. Or why not rock some pigtail braids?

5) Don’t Forget Sunnies

This afternoon 🏃🏽‍♀️🙌🏻

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When exercising outside, sunglasses not only protect your eyes from bright sunlight and UV rays, but also look super stylish too.

Australian-born Tanya Poppett above wears some gorgeous blue mirrored aviator sunnies for her outside run.

Get the look with the Givenchy GV 7012/S. These gorgeous silver metal aviator sunglasses with green/blue mirrored lenses and a double bridge would make a stylish addition to your workout wardrobe. They are also available in a handful of other colours.

 Givenchy GV 7012/S

Givenchy GV 7012/S


Enjoy running? Have a look at our best running sunglasses.

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