Top 5 Things To Do on a Rainy Day

It may be summer, but alas, we still have some June showers (as opposed to April). If you are brave enough to venture out into a torrential downpour, by all means, dance in the rain.

But if you are more of a homebody looking for an excuse (guilty? Join the club, we have cookies) stay in and don’t be a couch potato.

Try one of these five rainy day activity ideas.

Have an at Home Spa Day

You don’t need an excuse to pamper yourself, break out the scented candles and create some ambiance.

Go all out and do head to toe treatments, or stick with an eye-mask (see below), a foot scrub and call it a day.

Some fun ideas include: a manicure or pedicure, a face or eye mask, hair masks or deep treatments (oils are a great DIY), or just take a bubble bath with a glass of wine and treat yourself.

Try making your own face mask with household ingredients, like yogurt and honey to soothe, or brown sugar and coconut oil to exfoliate and nourish, just do your research before hand as to not irritate your skin.

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Work on a DIY Project

Anything from making a mood board (inspiration for your life or a project, made into a collage of phrases and pictures, to display as a reminder of your goals), which is on the basic side of do it yourself projects, to building a shelf unit, the world is your oyster, and Pinterest is your new best friend.

Some ideas to try include: A To-Do-List board (chalkboard paint is a thing), Homemade Gifts (like Lavender Loofah soap, scented candles, or hot cocoa mix in a mason jar), a Terrarium full of succulents, Pallet furniture, or a lip balm.

Get Inspired

Inspiration can be found in the most uncanny places, but start with some easy ones, like watching an informative or impactful documentary, meditate, read quotes by your heroes and mentors, or just lose yourself in a really good book.

Finding it difficult to reach your zen? Try some meditation guiding YouTube videos, or listen to some higher vibration frequency tapes.

Get yourself some beautiful enough to inspire specs, to help with all that reading:

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Get Organized

We tend to make excuses for ourselves as to why we can’t sort out that corner cupboard in our pantry, or hallway, or our bedroom closet.

On a rainy day stuck indoors with nothing better to do, not as many excuses, even if you try hard (don’t try too hard though).

It is now your chance to declutter, reorganize, and sort out; your closet, your home, your PC or anything you can think of.

The rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t bring you joy and it isn’t useful, it has to go. Try color coordinating, labeling, and using containers and boxes to sort, but keeps things accessible.

Another rule to live by is, when you buy something new, you need to get rid of something old, the pair of glasses below won’t only bring you joy, they are also worth parting with an old pair for. Remember to donate if possible.

Cyber Living

The cyber world is ever expanding and outdoing itself.

You can buy your weekly grocery shopping online, or your wedding dress (or a great pair of affordable specs), you can reach out, find an online community, people who share your interests, work, meet your significant other, communicate with distant loved ones, all of the comfort of your couch.

Learn a new language (well start at least), master a skill, or plan activities in your local community.

Try something new everyday, even if it is online.

Get Healthy

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You can never be too healthy, so use this spare time to prep for healthy meals (dicing veggies can take a while), or to do an at home workout, Yoga and Pilates are great at home options.

Want to find out how to organize that closet space on a rainy day? Find detailed tips here.

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