Top 5 Time Management Life Hacks

Always in a rush? Running late? Tired and rundown?

Here are some tips on how to not only find time to finish everything on your to do list, but have some me time as well.

Wake Up An Hour Earlier

Alright, you can make it 45 minutes if you have to.

Go to bed earlier, don’t let it cut into your sleep time, and stick to a solid 7 hour minimum.

Give yourself extra time in the morning so you aren’t rushed, or are able to check the first few things off your to do list (not your social media).

It can really set the productivity tone for the rest of the day, or just give you some me time, before everyone else is up.

If you need to be at work, to recenter yourself, or get a workout in, or breakfast for that matter, now you will have the time.

Give your tired eyes a helping hand (or lens) with these oversized, marbled glasses:

Have a Written Schedule

Committing your schedule to paper solidifies it in your mind, but also frees you up from constantly having it lingering in your peripheral while you’re going through your tasks.

Having a to do list with points is the clearest version, and less time restrictive, but bullet points in a schedule work just as well.

The more visually appealing the better, as having it on display is best.

There are some great ready made options available, from decorative whiteboards, to bulletin boards and so on, or you can make or decorate your own.

See your goals even clearer with these colour block specs:

Prepare The Night Before

Set out an outfit, write your to do list, have your essentials laid out, shower, have your hair in curlers, create a morning playlist, have breakfast ready or set your coffee machine.

Whatever can be done ahead of time, do it.

It will make your morning so much less stressful and have a domino effect on the rest of your day.

An embellished pair of sunnies are an essential to set out, that will play up any outfit:


Planning and preparing weekly meals ahead of time saves hours of preparation and grocery shopping time, first plan the week’s meals, then write your shopping list accordingly, then prepare, dice, chop, season, cook, etc. and store.

When its time to consume, just toss it all together and heat, or eat.

Follow this routine with whatever task you can apply it to, household chores like laundry, or projects at work.

Grouping similar tasks saves time, effort, and clean up.


As blindingly obvious as this may seem, focusing wholeheartedly on the task at hand can save hours of hemming and hawing.

So set up a distraction free environment, noise cancelling headphones playing concentration frequency music, and a decluttered yet inviting workspace.

All research should be done beforehand, and notes prepared, cut it into sections if need be, with motivational breaks appropriately spaced.

Now how better to face such an undertaking than with these marble effect specs, that are not only right on trend, but will help you focus, as you won’t be distracted by all the blurriness.

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