Top 5 Ultra Cool Sunglasses for Kids

Fashion is all around us, from the catwalk to the high-street, style is a huge part of everyday life. Being fashionable and stylish doesn’t need to start in adulthood, kit your kids out in the latest stylish sunglasses this summer for a practical yet fashion forward look that will be the envy of all their friends (and their parents!).

Disney D0206


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These super cute sunglasses from Disney in colour option C6T (Y2) Purple are perfect for a little princess looking to step into the world of fashion. With a super cute colour of purple blending into tones of pink, little girls will look gorgeous playing in the sun with a boost of style. The tinted grey/blue lenses are great for keeping the sun out of their eyes and will not make the environment appear too dark when wearing these sunnies. The small frame and arm length will ensure they fit perfectly around your little ones face, at a bargain price of just £21.96 in the SelectSpecs sale.

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These suave Bench designer sunglasses for kids are perfect for those mini gentlemen out there looking for a stylish summer accessory. The aviator style of frame is bang on trend and effortlessly cool so your little man will be the trend setter amongst his friends. The colour option C2 Gold is my personal favourite, the gold is bright yet subtle enough to not overwhelm facial features. Kitting out your kid is now cheaper then ever, with these designer Bench sunnies for just £19.32 you can style your child in practical, comfortable and stylish glasses for a wonderful price.

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Polaroid Kids P0230


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These funky glasses are bright and fun for kids. The vibrant mix of pink and purple will compliment any little girls wardrobe and add a touch of bold colour that will make playing in the sun colourful and funky. The Wayfarer style of frame is a big must have in eye-wear fashion, the shape suits any face and is a modern twist on the classic rectangular frame. These super stylish sunglasses come in a variety of funky colours including a bright green and blue for little boys. My favourite colour option however is the one shown above (IUB Y2 ) as the colours make a statement that girls will love. At a fantastic price of £29.98 you can keep your little princess’s eyes safe in the sun and ensure she looks pretty in pink… all without breaking the bank.

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Here is another super cool entry from Bench KIDS. These frames are ultra slick and perfect for a little sporty boy running around in the sunshine. These frames are in an oval/round shape and are made to look streamline and sporty, the classic colours of black and a hint of green on the arms make for a truly trendy combination for the mini gentleman. In colour option C2 Black these sunglasses will provide UV protection as well as style, at a fab price of £19.32 you can afford to give your child that fashionable edge.

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Benetton KIDS BB608S


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This is the perfect frame for both boys and girls. Benetton is a stylish eye-wear brand and the kids range is super bright and funky. These particular sunglasses in colour 03 Azure Grey are gorgeous and will suit both genders. The blue tones running throughout the frame are bright and fun, the dark blue strip across the top rim is a quirky detail that will be a definite talking point. These frames are in a Wayfarer style which will make your child look fashionable as well as safe from the sun. These vibrant frames are priced at £41.28. For the high end designer quality and amazing stylish edge these frames are a bargain,

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