Top 5 Ways To Dress Up Your Glasses

Whether you wear your trusty specs to better see the beautiful world around you, to read your weekly progress report or just as a fashion statement, you can, at times, feel like they are bringing your outfit down a notch or two.

That they don’t fit in with certain looks, or you have a special event to go to, but your glasses might not be up to it.

But fear not!

Look less frumpy and more sexy librarian in no time.

Here’s a list of the top 5 ways to dress up your specs.


A cat eye, bright lippy, defined brows, or a smoked out crease are all great ways to dress up your glasses using every girl’s best friend: makeup.

The perfect spec enhancing combination: bring out cheekbones using highlighter and contour.

Don’t forget to add some highlighter right beneath your brow bone and on the bridge of your nose.

Layer on the mascara or add false lashes for extra oomph.

A cat eye makes your eyes appear larger and more defined.

A metallic or warm toned shadow can really make eyes pop.

Go intense with your lip colour choice, whether bright for the last breath of summer or dark for Autumn.

And, of course, keeps those brows on fleek by filling them in with your choice of powder, pencil or pomade.

Then add your beautiful Semi- transparent Dolce specs and you’re all dolled up and ready to go.


Coordinating your jewelry and your specs or sunnies is a great way to not only tie them into your look, but add a bling element that will take you from day to night.

Dangling earrings (mismatched and tassels are the current trends), or a statement necklace with similar stone elements or crystals or just the same metallic tone or pattern can work wonders at making your eye candy pop.

Pair these Armani beauties with similar elements of tortoiseshell and gold.


A similar concept to jewelry embellishments, headbands, hats, and even a tiara; if you’re feeling that way inclined, can add pizazz to your specs.

Match to a printed pair of sunnies or just play off colours to tie the two together, and voila.

These paisley sunnies would look right at home with you bandanna of choice.

Matching Prints

Marble & carpet #matchingprints #black&white #marbleprint #geometrical #photographiersespieds #floordecor

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Whether you are going for geometric prints, monogrammed, or even floral.

Tying prints on your specs with patterns and prints in your attire is a great way to make them go from “Blah” to “Wow.”

These monogrammed masculine sunnies are no exception.


A bright pop of colour in your eyewear and your attire or other accessories can take your outfit from bland to vavavoom in no time.

Be pool party ready, or night on the town prepared and add interest, depth and a wow factor to your look.

Colours like green, yellow and pink are go tos for eyewear right now.

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