Top 6 Travel Blogs You Need To Read

Traveling to many places in the world is a lifelong goal for many of us. Luckily, there are many sources of travel content in the digital media world for your interest, entertainment and inspiration. In fact, travel blogging has become a popular hobby over the past several years, and some travel bloggers have even turned their hobby into a viable career.


If you are looking to take an adventure but need some tips, advice and ideas, then here are six travel blogs that you need to read right now.

1. Where’s Mollie?

My favourite kind of gym ⛰🇫🇷 #MollieInFrance

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Mollie Bylett is a UK travel blogger who loves to explore and is always on an adventure.

She is creative, free-spirited and imaginative, and a big believer in following your dreams. So much that she’s been able to turn her blog into a career.

Featured in the press numerous times, Mollie has collaborated with many travel brands. Some countries she’s visited include Bali, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa.

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2. The Travelista

The Travelista is a luxury travel blog about the adventures of Jess Gibson, who splits her time between Leeds and London.

After working full-time in social media, she took the leap to pursue her dream career as a travel writer.

Four years after setting up and establishing her blog, she runs her blog full time.

Expect to find honest posts on reviews, lifestyle inspiration, the latest trips, travel guides and her top tips on making money from blogging.


3. A Lady In London

A Lady In London chronicles the adventures of a Californian expat who has been living in London since 2007.

Once upon a time, she worked in the finance industry in San Francisco.

However, now she blogs full-time, and has had her recommendations featured in many publications. She runs her own travel consultancy business.

4. The Travel Hack

The Travel Hack is a stylish adventure blog run by Monica Stott, who believes in luxurious travel that is affordable for all people.

She believes that luxury travel is not just for the rich and gives tips gaining incredible travel experiences on a modest budget.

If you find yourself dreaming of exploring the world then you should definitely check this blog out.

5. World Of Wanderlust

Spring in Paris 🌸🌸🌸 (can I stay forever and have an apartment here please??)

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If you have serious wanderlust vibes then check out World of Wanderlust run by Brooke Saward.

Her travel and lifestyle blog – which focuses on various tips and guides – has been featured in many magazines.

Also, Brooke Saward has released her very own ebook – it’s titled World of Wanderlust and it offers a plethora of travel advice and features her favourite destinations, which include Paris, New York and London.

6. The Blog Abroad

Njoki here! That is my adopted Kenyan name. It literally translates to "she who returned" and it's both symbolic and ironic of my current, fashionably homeless situation as I come and go so often from different places. I looked a bit deeper into the meaning of Njoki and also found more stuff to pad my ego. *ahem* 💁🏾 "Njokis have strong willpower. They're analytical, intellectual, determined, religious, efficient, trustworthy, compassionate, tenacious, ambitious, and basically slay TF out of life." That last part was a loose translation 🙃 But I've done and seen so much since arriving, that I felt an immediate sensory overload. Navigating the streets of Nairobi is like training for a marathon as a toddler. Blind-folded. With no legs. 😭 It's intense, yet inviting. Chaotic, yet captivating. Terrifying, yet stimulating. They have these vans called Matatus which I recommend EVERYONE ride at least once! Think of a tuk tuk from Thailand mixed with an ice-cream truck from the U.S. (are those still a thing anymore or have pedophiles ruined white vans forever)? The other day I was out with new friends and we were ordering drinks. One lady got a coke. She turns to me and chuckles, "Yes, we have coke. The continent where people think we're all dying. Go and tell your friends." THE SASS THO. I'M HERE FOR IT. 😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to live somewhere that the entire world has the same exhausting narrative of. I'm stoked about the Kenyans I've met and will be meeting up with who are doing everything they can to help change and "unscramble" (CC: @truthslinger) the narrative of Africa. Also! The hairstyles the women are rocking here?! LITTTTTYYYY. I'm getting all kinds of inspiration for new styles and I think it's time to switch things up soon. Njoki signing off for the day. Kenya is addicting in the best kind of way. She's definitely only for the adventurous soul though. Don't come here to relax, because you'll miss out on all the fun. #ThisIsKenya 🇰🇪❤

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The Blog Abroad features the chronicles of an adventure junkie, Gloria Atanmo, who’s been travel blogging full-time since she graduated from university.

Her blog features posts that are extremely informative, thought-provoking and honest.

So if you are looking for in-depth travel advice as well as inspiration, then take a look at her blog to help you plan your next trip.

In addition to this, Gloria Atanmo writes travel articles for The Huffington Post.

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