Top 7 Designer Sunglasses For Children

kids sunglasses

Are your kids bugging you to get them something cool? Are you planning a holiday aboard and need to buy them shades to protect them from strong UV rays? Well, you’re in luck. Here are just some of the options out there for the cool kids. Whether you have control over the style of not, without further ado, here is your induction into the world of cool kids’ sunglasses.

Ray-Ban JUNIOR Designer Sunglasses

ray-ban junior designer sunglasses

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Ray-Ban is an eyewear brand founded by the American company, Bausch & Lomb, in 1937 and are best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses. Often tending to be the accessory of choice of many a celebrity.

Ray-Ban Juniors are basically ‘mini me’ versions of any Ray-Bans you would buy yourself – another important thing to know is Ray-Ban sunglasses, both junior and adult, also come with a two year warranty. Handy, if your kid tends to misplace or break things!

Browse Ray-Ban JUNIOR sunglasses here.

Owlet TEENS Designer Sunglasses

Owlet TEENS Designer Sunglasses

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Owlet is a general collection with a more subtle edge then their more famous counterparts and aimed to suit everyone no matter their age. They boast a variety of colours and frame shapes, from classic shapes or more out-there looks.

Owlet is known to successfully compete with other big name collections. With its clear styling and high product quality, Owlet have created a qualitative product at a budget price. Therefore appealing to those of you with hands tight on the purse strings. Children get a great range of colours and the parents can be safe in the knowledge the eyewear had flexible hinges. So, hopefully, their new pair of sunglasses are not likely to break – not that the kids won’t give it a good go, I’m sure.

(Browse Owlet TEENS sunglasses here.)

New York Yankees TEENS Designer Sunglasses

New York Yankees Teens sunglasses

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The New York Yankees is a successful Urban Wear brand, best known as New York’s baseball team of course. The MLB has 30 US teams, each team is its own distinct brand. The most famous have become worldwide icons of American fashion, such as the Yankees. I mean everywhere you go you can spot someone wearing a NY cap, particularly in youth culture.

The brand’s famous logo marks the frames of the “urban chic” collection, so many have come to know and love. Aimed mostly at young men, the range includes some unisex frames. The brand is simple, yet effective.

(Browse New York Yankees TEENS sunglasses here.)

Bollé KIDS Designer Sunglasses

Bolle Kids sunglasses

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Seraphim Bollé started his company in 1888 making combs and hair ornaments. Bollé delivers the highest quality sunglasses and goggles for performance and protection. Constantly changing their look, they are known to produce some of the freshest and most technologically advanced eyewear in the industry. Today they are best known for sporting eyewear, namely for sports like snow sports and water sports, not to mention general outdoorsman-ship.

The Bollé Junior range includes the 100% UV protection, durability and impact resistance that’s expected of the brand, while still managing to look sporty and fun. Making these shades perfect for family holidays or trips out.

(Browse Bollé KIDS sunglasses here.)

Gucci Child Designer Sunglasses

Gucci Child sunglasses

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Gucci is one of the most respected and sought-after designer brands of all time. The Gucci sunglasses collection for kids boast multiple designs, suiting many looks and intentions. From super fashionable and dramatically oversized sunglasses to more sporty and casual oversized aviators.

Vibrant colour choices also make these appealing to the younger generation so they can stand out, even if they want to join a crowd. Not forgetting the iconic Gucci logo is typically displayed upon the temple or arm of course. Gucci sunglasses provide maximum protection and make your kid look like they belong in Hollywood to boot.

(Browse Gucci Child sunglasses here.)

Dolce & Gabbana Designer Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana Children sunglasses

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Like many big Italian brands, Dolce and Gabbana conjure extravagant luxury. They epitomise Italian flamboyance, blending the classic with the unconventional.

Sunglasses are part of Dolce and Gabbana’s vision on its influential runway each season. Again, much like Ray-Ban, the kids sunglasses by this designer are pretty much ‘mini me’ versions of adult shades. In the designers own words, they ‘emulate’ the shape of adult frames.

(Browse Dolce & Gabbana Children’s collection here.)

Elle KIDS Designer Sunglasses

Elle Kids sunglasses

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Elle is known to be an affordable brand and their shades are no exception to this notation. The shades comprise highest-quality lens components and render the best possible craftsmanship to guarantee individual quality of their product.

Much like other brands on this list, the children’s shades are mini copies of the adult sunglasses or at least they mimic the shape of adult frames.

(Browse Elle KIDS sunglasses here.)

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