Top 8 After Sun Remedies

It has been a right scorcher here in the UK over the last few weeks. It is easy to forget just how vulnerable our sun-parched skin really is after those long Winter months.

It is a real shock to your skin if it is suddenly exposed to huge amounts of sunlight without proper protection.

We all know just how important wearing sun protection is.

Really, you should be wearing a sun cream or at least Factor 15 each time you go out into the sun.

But if you’re unprepared or underestimate the strength of the sun, you’re going to need to find some ways to soothe your sunburnt skin.

Lucky for you, we have compiled together some brilliant after sun remedies – many of which you may never even thought of.

Keep reading to find out more.

1. After Sun Cream

This is an obvious one, hence why I am starting with it.

There are so many different after-sun creams out there on the market.

It is a must-have if you intend on sunbathing.

The cream should be applied every evening after being out in the sun.

It will not only soothe and cool down your skin, but it will also nourish it, allowing your to keep your tan for longer – bonus.

If you want a good tan, you really do need to rehydrate your skin with an after sun lotion.


2. Oatmeal Bath

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Bear with me on this one.

Oats have been used for centuries as a natural aid to heal and soothe skin. I

t has been used to treat skin conditions such as eczema for years, and it can also be used to reduce the inflammation caused by sunburn.

There are two ways you can have an oat bath:

  • Grind up oats into a powder in a blender, and stir into the bath.
  • Place two handfuls of oats into some tights, tie them into a knot and place into the bath whilst you run the water.

Soak in the bath for at least twenty minutes, and you will get out feeling less sore and looking less red.


3. Apply Yoghurt

Due to the vast amount of probiotics found in yoghurt, this delicious food will actually help to soothe sunburn.

It will also have the added effect of moisturizing the skin, so this is a great alternative if you have run out of aftersun.

Simply apply it to the skin as if was a moisturizer, and leave it on for ten minutes before wiping it off.

It may be easier find the thickest yoghurt there is so that it is easier to apply.

For vegans & those dairy intolerant, a coconut or soy yogurt will do wonders.


4. Drink Water

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One of the best ways to reduce the effects of over-exposure to the sun is to drink LOADS of water as soon as possible.

When your skin is burnt it is truly dried out, and water is an essential way to bring back that moisture.

Water will also help cool you down from within, preventing the risk of heatstroke and after nasty illnesses.

Make your water more interesting and flavoursome by chopping up some fruit and vegetables like Kirsti has done here.


6. Cool as a Cucumber

Ever seen in spas when some people place slices on cucumbers on their eyes to soothe and brighten them?

Cucumber has naturally cooling and moisturizing properties and works like a dream on burnt skin.

Simply slice some pieces of the vegetable up and hold down on the affected area for 10 minutes or so.

Take off and then massage the juices into your skin. Voila.


7. Lavender Oil Compress

There are many essential oils which can help sunburn, with lavender oil being one of the best.

Lavender has antimicrobial properties which will soothe skin and help heal burns faster.

Plus it also smells amazing. Here’s what to do:

  1. Get 500mls of water and drop in 4-6 drops of lavender oil
  2. Get a muslin cloth or face clothing and soak it in the water
  3. Press the cloth onto your skin and hold for five minutes

You could also try this with Eucalyptus and Chamomile oils.


8. Don’t get burnt in the first place.

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Sun burn isn’t only ugly and painful, it is also seriously dangerous and directly linked to skin cancer.

Do yourself a favor and apply suncream every time you go out into the sun, or stay in the shade if you don’t have any.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

Make like Grace from @gracefituk and keep both your body and eyes protected in this heat.

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