Top 8 Sunglasses to Wear with your Office Outfit

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Hope as they say springs eternal. It should be the time for both ladies and gents to strip down and show off their summer accessories. Whether enjoying a brisk walk in Bournemouth or strolling the streets of Saint Tropez, our sunnies are never far away.

The warmer weather of course brings those long office lunches or after dinner drinks. But the trouble is how to go about making your mark in that snazzy suit or pencil skirt. Statement shades are the ultimate fashion accessory for summer, but naturally you want to play it cool.

However, you will need to choose wisely as there are a number of different sunnies to choose from. This can depend on a host of factors such as your face shape as well as hair colour. So to kick things off, what should you look for when selecting the right type of sunglasses for your work outfit?


Wait until the summer, whilst there’s ways to wear sunglasses in winter, sunglasses are commonly worn on our cloudy isle in the warmer, brighter months.

Opt for oversized sunglasses to create the perfect statement. If you’re working in a smarter environment, choose a sleek and sophisticated pair.

In addition, dark lenses are also the way to go.  Mirrored lenses are an option if you don’t mind having a conversation with your office colleague over a white wine spritzer only to find them staring back at your their own reflection in your sunglasses.

Complimentary coloured frames match your clothes, or even shoes and is another one of our top tips. Keep in ming though subtlety is the order of the day.

You want to be on trend and ensure your work colleagues are simply talking about your cool shades. Therefore, thinner frames not to mention premium materials are always going to be a safe bet with the IT crowd.

One of the most important aspects to get right when finding a chic pair of sunglasses is invest and invest very wisely. It’s a far better idea to spend that bit more to obtain the right look that will last. This is especially the case if you are looking to stick around in your current job for a longer period of time.

So if you’re looking to step into summer, why not wrap your eyes around our 8 best sunglasses to accentuate your office look:

8. Ray-Ban RB2132


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Featuring a sporty design, these spanking new wayfarer sunglasses are suitable for all manner of office outfits. This unisex pair includes a rubber finish and are certainly on trend this summer.

They are suitable for a wealth of occasions from after office drinks to skiing excursions. What makes the Ray-Ban RB2132 so unique is down to their G-15 lenses offering the highest protection across a range of weather conditions.

7. Ray-Ban RB4126


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Ladies, If you want the ultimate glamorous look then why not check out these sleek pair of Ray-Ban Cats, a real head turner. These women’s sunglasses will have you purring in no time!

The oversized lenses are a throwback to the Hollywood era, whilst it provides complete acetate frames. A weapon of choice for all those trend setters among you, this pair is most definitely made to last and currently available in 2 distinct colours, with its signature Ray-Ban logo located on the temples.



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Add a touch of glamour to your outfit with the OPAL by POLA POAS001. These glam sunglasses offer oversized polarised lenses not to mention an angular frame design.

They are as tough as Rocky largely in part due to their TAC (Cellulose Triacetate). A higher level of stability is coupled with the highest clarity and practicality to boot.

5. Oakley Holbrook


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This latest offering from the good people at Oakley is this real classic accessor; the Holbrook polarised sunnies are simple yet stylish.

Featuring matt black or polished black, they come with an extensive collection of polarised lenses from emerald to ruby.

4. Polaroid 04213


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This aviator Polaroid 04213 pair could easily sit on many faces. Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell for one is prone to the odd aviator pair or two.

It encompassed an elegant design and can be picked up in gold, black or gun. So before you push that buzzer, focus your attention on these superb sunnies.

3. Bolle Clint


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Available in an impressive six colours, the Bollé Clint sunglasses are one pair to put in your top pocket.

Its chunkier black frame is still impressive enough to not become overbearing. You will find the signature branding on the arm, whilst it provides a more unusual colour pairing such as black with lime and orange. 

2. Visage VS181


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Strike a pose with the Visage VS181. You can get the Audrey Hepburn look for a fraction of the price with these sensational sunnies. Available in either black or Havana, these sunglasses are a must have for any office jolly.

1. Persol PO3136S


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Step back in time with the retro Persol PO3136S. When it comes to its design, its striking Havana frames and look are timeless.

This unisex pair comes in polarised brown or green to name but a few and is suitable for prescription lenses.

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