Top Eyewear From Adverts

Nowadays, advert commercials can be considered a form of pop art. Extremely high budgets are invested in trying to make the most attention grabbing / captivating short clip to get us talking.

Some adverts are so well crafted that they remain in our collective minds, even after years of release.

For some artistic commercials, such as director Tornatore’s D&G advert, Oscars have been awarded for these brief arrangements of creative genius and marketing.

Beautifully directed by important names, some of the most popular advertisements are highly entertaining and a great source of inspiration, above all for your fashion choices.

We have collected some popular modern advertising campaigns; where we spotted the trendiest eyewear ever. Get the 101 below.

Monica Bellucci For Martini Gold

Monica Bellucci is the most sexy Italian actress in the world. She was chosen from “Martini” to be their protagonist in the short film in honor of her “Malena” movie, entirely shot in Rome.

We see her wearing a sensual black lace dress & a pair of stylish black cat-eye glasses while walking through a bewitcthed crowd of men who cannot resist her beauty and follow her.

sunglasses in advert

Her charm and flair is only enhanced by the black sunglasses, while adding to her mysterious look.

Try these Ray-Ban RB4101 – Jackie Ohh (1/2) sunglasses is you want to feel charming like her:

black cat- eye sunglasses

Dior Sauvage

Johnny Depp is the new face of Dior, and he is a rockstar that many dream to be. The ad exudes charm, elegance and a pinch of  suspense.

In rebel gypsy style, he is seen driving towards a new adventure: a men of charm indeed. His ultra cool sunglasses are extremely glamorous and in tune with his bolo-chic look.

These Superdry SDS-ROKU sunglasses are a close match to the Jhonny’s shown above. They will make you feel like the rockstar of the moment.

Superdry sunglasses wayfarer

Jean Paul Gaultier – Diet Coke

Jean Paul Gaultier is the designer chosen for the diet coke ad, directed in the most fashionable way possible.

He is responsible for transforming a super cute doll in a real rock star with the most rock outfit ever: fishnet stocking, a leather jacket, and black wayfarer sunglasses.

Jean Paul Gaultier advert video

 If you want to copy Jean Paul’s doll fantastic look try these Ray-Ban RB2132 – New Wayfarer  sunglasses:

ray-ban black wayfarer


One of my favorite advertisements of all times is this Chanel n°5 short film, a real masterpiece.

The short movie has a clear reference to the “Moulin Rouge” storyline and atmosphere. A poor writer falls in love with a “diva” and take her on a sweet escape from her over the top, flashy life.

These Ray-Ban RX5184 – New Wayfarer are a close match to the above glasses worn by the stylish writer who has a super chic look.

black men glasses ray-ban

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Comment in the section below, which of the above advertising sunglasses you like the most.

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