Top Eyewear Styles in 2017

Everyone knows of the constant struggle of being young and feeling the need to keep up with todays trends. Which almost feels never ending and always changing.

Plus the added struggles of finding the right glasses for you.

But, what about those of us who encounter both of these dilemmas?

At the time, this may look like an obstacle or major set back.

Many ponder the various ways to look glam and aesthetically pleasing for social media where we try to portray the ideal look.

But, regards this great accessory known as glasses, many think of it as more of a hindrance than an asset.

Nowadays, many people who are online famous have taken the plunge into this great opportunity to play with what is now a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe: think frames and spectacles.

Take a look, and gain inspiration and confidence to wear your frames your way.

Simple Yet Sassy

The delicate thin frame and design is subtle yet draws attention without overpowering the look.

Frames help to give that extra something to a seemingly basic outfit.

While still looking effortlessly done up!

These frames allow you to adapt a more subtle cute look alongside a plain & basic outfit.

Neutral colours allow your natural & effortless beauty to come through.

Or go for a more confident sassy persona as shown above.

Again keep it basic with only a pop of colour like this shocking red lipstick

If you want either of these looks, be it cute or sassy, why not do it right and let our ‘Infinity L8110’ specs do all the work:

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Subtly Strong

Both strong and classy, a look that anyone should try.

The contrast of the thick upper frame and dainty lens in the picture helps to maintain a bold yet feminine look.

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Comfy Cosy

Giving off a bold hipster feel, the mixture of light tones helps to balance out the darker tones to brighten the eyes rather then dull them.

Both allowing even a cosy jumper to appear well put together and stylish.

So indulge in your comfy clothing and accessories with either our ‘Hallmark F3026’ or ‘Hallmark E9855’ for a more bold look:

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Fun Filled

A simple yet fun frame.

Created by a thick dark colour with a bold bright gradient in the centre.

So do you want all eyes you?

Then why not get our ‘Dakota 8094’ to bring a new you this summer:

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Bold & Beautiful

Lastly a fun look for the summer.

This frame is always trending, with the potential to give a fun festival look or a 90s grunge feel to any outfit.

Or if neither take your fancy, give it your own twist, maybe even pared with a summer night dress to have a fun yet classy feel wherever you go.

So try our ‘Ray-Ban RB3592’, available in both sweet and subtle or bold and beautiful colours.

Allowing endless styles for you this summer!

So give it a go and try our new frames with your new styles this summer,

If you do then why not tag us #SelectSpecsSelfie for a chance to be featured on our page!

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