Top Honeymoon Destinations

Whether you are planning your honeymoon for the near future or you are just dreaming about the possibilities, planning a honeymoon can be a confusing experience.

There seem to be so many different places around the world you could visit.

With flight times getting shorter and ticket prices reducing, there are so many different options open to you in this day and age.

We have compiled together some of the best and most popular honeymoon destinations into this handy post.

We have also chucked a few slightly unique ideas into the mix too, if you want something out of the norm.


Orkney, Scotland

If you want to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle and heaving crowds, then a honeymoon in the Orkney Islands would suit you down to the ground.

Located off the North East coast of mainland Scotland, the Orkneys are a collection of around seventy islands, twenty of which are inhabited.

They are a haven of history, beauty spots, and foodie locations.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is located in the Pacific Ocean, and is centred by a dormant volcano Mount Otemanu, which can be seen for miles around.

It is a long way to travel from the UK.

It will take around twenty-four hours to fly from London.

But once you get there, it is totally worth it.

Think crystal clear blue water, water villas and white beaches.

This is the perfect location to go if you want to relax, sunbathe, and be completely and utterly pampered.

Make sure you have some sunglasses to take with you if you decide to visit sunny Bora Bora.

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Cuba, South America

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Cuba has something for everyone.

Love sunbathing and white sandy beaches? Check.

Love culture and history? Check.

Love being active and exploring incredible rainforests? Check.

Cuba has a really interesting history and has had a turbulent past sixty years.

Visit Havana, the capital city, and marvel at the endless vintage cars and gorgeous colourful architecture.

Have lunch in one of the many street food stalls before heading to the crystal clear waters for a scuba diving lesson.

There is so much to do in this amazing country.

Namibia, Africa

Do you both have a love for animals, wildlife, and adventure?

Then perhaps a honeymoon to Namibia would suit you down to the ground.

Go on a safari around the Etosha National Park, which is one of the largest in the whole of Africa.

With over 114 species in this special park, you are sure to see some amazing creatures.

You could also visit Twyfelfontein, which is a spring in a valley, home to some of the oldest rock engravings in the world.

Some of them are over 25,000 years old.

Santorini, Greece

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With pure white buildings and a deep blue sea; Santorini is really something rather special and beautiful.

It is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, located south-east of mainland Greece.

It was the scene of one of the largest volcanic eruptions ever approximately 3500 years ago, which has shaped its rugged and steep landscape.

The volcano is still live, and you can go and see the smoke and gasses still being released.

You could relax with some delicious seafood and a glass of wine in one of the restaurants located on the seafront.

You could also take a boat tour around the other volcanic islands, before going for a swim in the hot spring waters, which are caused by the volcano.

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