Top Lip Colors For 2017

Summer is about colors , good vibes, salty hair and those long wild summer nights we all have been waiting for. Cool outfits, dresses, all kinds of shapes, patterns and accessories. These are the things we love most about summer.

Make up is one of the most important details for a night out.

During the summer time, you can play a lot with colors and textures.

A bold lipstick is a must have weapon for anyone who likes to have the world at their feet.

Day or night, finding the right lipstick can take time and research.

Thinking about brands, colors, your skin tone and many others aspects.

Too dark or too glossy can easily become too much.


If you don’t dare to wear dark shades, nude lipstick is just right for you.

Lip gloss or matte lipstick, there are numerous options when it comes to nudes.

Try it with a smokey eye or peach shades.

Nude lipstick works perfect with tan skin both at night and day.


Pink is always a good idea for a fresh look.

Try to keep it simple with the eyes too; use lights shades like pinky or nude.

Pink lipstick is perfect for pale skin and blonde hair for those summer days.

Also, you can use these makeup colors on the beach, for a perfectly finished look with your swimsuit.

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Red Pop


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Red: that fire we all love!

It doesn’t matter the season, time, or occasion.

Red is there for you to make you feel better.

It can make you feel beautiful and confident.

Dare to wear this color with your casual clothes or a little black dress for nights out.

Pay attention to your eyes, they don’t need a dark shadow.

Keep it simple, just play with the lips.

Glossy & Natural

Sometimes a touch of a soft lipgloss is all you need for your finished make up look.

It is  a must have for anyone in love with make up.

For daytime, you can use gloss with light shades for the eyes, and at night with a smokey eye.

A little gloss adds sparkle at any time of the day.

Gradient Lipstick

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Gradient it’s a new technique and we simply love it!

All you need is a good lipstick and lip pencil.

Use the pencil for the edge of your lips and fill them with any color you want.

It may seem difficult, but you have to try it at least once.

If you can’t do this by yourself find help with a make up artist.

Dare To Conquer

If you dare to have all eyes on you, try a dark matte shade of lipstick.

A dark burgundy color it is perfect for a girl with attitude and style.

The matte color are very trendy this year, so add one to your make-up collection.

For more make-up trends read TRENDING 2017: SPACE AGE MAKEUP.

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