Top Moustache + Glasses Looks for Movember

Movember 2017
Movember 2017

November has for several years also been known as ‘Movember’, the month which encourages you to grow your moustache for a month in aid of raising awareness of men’s health.

The Movember Foundation recognises that many men struggle with opening up to other people with regards to their physical and mental health and wishes to change that. Since 2003 the charity has raised a staggering £402 million which is going towards helping men live longer, happier and healthier lives.

How can you help? Well, why not get your mates and family to sponsor you to grow your moustache as long as possible during the month of November? If you wear glasses too, you may be thinking about how you are going to rock your newly found facial hair with your specs? Keep reading to discover our favourite looks below for some inspiration!

Round Sunglasses

This Instagrammer has a fab retro vibe going on here, with some round sunglasses, a bow tie and some braces.

We love how his moustache and beard looks paired with the sunnies.

Get the look with the Ray-Ban RB3547N. These round sunglasses feature a thin gold frame and dark grey tinted lenses which will protect your eyes from some of the brightest sunlight.

 Ray-Ban RB3547N

Ray-Ban RB3547N


Round Retro Specs

Henry Crew, London I have known more people that have died by suicide than any other cause of death. I have had issues with mental health since I was about fourteen. Most recently, I struggled to cope with stress and other issues in my life during my time at university. I was lucky enough to have a close-knit group of friends to look out for me, who understood and were going through similar, if not worse, situations themselves. Riding motorcycles has helped me stabilize my mental health and has been crucial in my wellbeing over the last few years. In 2018, I will be departing on a trip to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle. I couldn't think of a better partnership – a year on the machine that saved me while supporting a charity that will help save others. #movember #dgr #dgr17 #ridedapper #jointhegentry @henrycrew

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If you are a glasses wearer, these specs would be a fab option to wear with your moustache at the office or just for casual wear.

They look very fashionable teamed with the t-shirt and dungarees for a cool laidback look.

Get the look with the Infinity 9830. These are super affordable and feature tortoiseshell frames and trendy round frames. They are also available in black if you prefer this option.

Infinity 9830

Infinity 9830


Rectangle Frames

Eugene above is wearing his moustache with pride, teaming it with some classic rectangle glasses for a smart and professional look.

Rectangle glasses are very easy to wear and suit most face shapes – especially those with more rounded facial features.

Get the look with the Infinity 1252. They have thick black matte frames and feature a rectangular frame shape. They are also a bargain at only £10! Check out the three other colourful options too!

 Infinity 1252

Infinity 1252


Yellow Frames

Mo Bro Randal knows a thing or two about how to live life and grow a fine moustache. #Realstories #Movember #WhyWeMo

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If you prefer a more colourful option, then why not take a look at some yellow framed sunglasses like Randal here?

These would be a great option to brighten up any dreary November day. Yellow is also super on trend for 2017 and 2018 too.

Get the look with the Lacoste L790SOG. These bold wayfarer style sunglasses have bright yellow temples and green frames, with subtle Lacoste branding on the sides.

 Lacoste L790SOG

Lacoste L790SOG


Sports Sunglasses

If you are doing a race (a Mo Run) to raise some more money for Movember, then why not team your moustache with some sports sunglasses like the runner above?

These yellow wraparound sunglasses would keep your eyes safe from the sun throughout your race. Due to the snug fit, they will also stay put even when you get sweaty!

Get the look with the Bolle Diamondback. These have matte black frames and red polarized lenses.

Bolle Diamondback

Bolle Diamondback



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