Top Purse-Friendly Gift Ideas for Glasses Wearers

Top Budget Friendly Eyewear Gift Ideas
Top Budget Friendly Eyewear Gift Ideas

We all know just how expensive the festive season can be. First, you need to buy presents for everyone you know, next you need to buy a tree, and then you need to buy outfits for all those Christmas parties! And let’s not even mention the small fortune that needs to be spent on stocking up the fridge!

We’re coming to your rescue with this handy guide, helping you discover the best purse-friendly buys for all the glasses and sunglasses wearers in your life. Keep reading to discover our top present ideas which need to be added to your loved one’s stockings this year!


Glasses Holder

Glasses need a place to live as well you know! Why not try to find a cool or quirkly glasses stand or holder, which the person you’re buying for could place on their desk at work or next to their bed? You can tailor the stand exactly to their tastes and the decor of their house too, making it a very personal present.

Not only is it a fun and useful idea, it will also help keep expensive glasses scratch free, and prevent them from being sat on!


Glasses Chain

¡¡Loquitos estamos con los cordones de gafas!!

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Believe it or not, glasses chains are fast becoming one of the must-have fashion accessories for both men and women! They are incredibly useful as they allow you take glasses or sunglasses off with ease, with no need to fiddle around to find your glasses case at the bottom of your bag.

They are also stylish. Take a look at some of the big fashion retailers to see the range of different styles which they have in at the moment! We love this pair above, with the bright bobbles adding a pop of colour and fun to the whole outfit!

If you know your loved one wears glasses a lot at work, then why not look for a classic gold or silver chain which would look super chic and professional?


Lens Cloth

Lens cleaning cloths are an essential for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses. There’s nothing worse than having dirty smears all over your specs!

The good thing is lens cloths are super purse-friendly and inexpensive. You can actually buy personalised versions on many online stores too, which would be a really good gift idea! Or why not stick to their favourite colour – a safe choice which is sure to go down well!


Glasses Themed Home Furnishings

How cute is this cushion with bright glasses print detailing? This would be a great buy for anyone who is house-proud.

You can also purchase retro glasses prints for the walls, as well as blankets and throws with similar glasses patterns!


A Mug

Now who doesn’t love a hot drink every now and then? Everyone uses mugs, so you can be sure that this will be a present which will be useful for years to come!

How cute is this ‘Hot Girls Read’ mug?! If you know any bookworms in your life then this would be a super cute present to buy. If you do a bit of research there are plenty of glasses or book-themed mugs out there and all are very affordable!

To make the gift extra special, why not team it with a tub of their favourite hot chocolate or their favourite box of tea?


Lens Cleaning Kit

This may not sound like the most interesting present, but it is sure to be very useful to anyone who wears specs! It is also the kind of item which you tend not to buy yourself, so this could come in really handy.

Why not gift this one from SelectSpecs, the perfect handbag or travelling size and it’s only £1.99.

 Clean & Care Kit SelectSpecs

Clean & Care Kit


Sleep Mask

After your loved one’s eyes have been working hard all day under their specs, they deserve a little bit of TLC! A sleep mask is a fab and cute idea which really allows peepers to rest. It is also a great gift for those who are light sleepers and tend to be very sensitive to light!

You can also buy cooling eye masks which will help soothe the eyes and give them a bit of extra pampering at the end of a very long day!

Take a look at the Body Doctor heating eye mask, also available in a cooling option, for £9.99 it’s the perfect thoughtful stocking stuffer.

The Body Doctor The Eye Mask SelectSpecs

The Body Doctor The Eye Mask


Some More Specs!

 Infinity 9830

Infinity 9830

Why not treat your loved ones to some retro style with these gorgeous Infinity glasses, which you could gift for only a tenner! We love the simple black oversized frames, whilst the round lenses lend the pair a trendy vintage vibe.

This style is also available in tortoiseshell, which is going to be very fashionable for 2018!

Take a look at Zoella looking super cute in a very similar pair of glasses below!

Glasses Case

Glasses cases are another practical present to buy for your loved ones and they’re not expensive either! You can find some beautiful quality cases in most high-street fashion shops or online.

Take a look at their personal taste in fashion and the cases they already have to help you form an opinion about which one to get. Also, think about whether you want to get a hard case or a soft case. Hard cases can be more protective and are great for ladies and gents who travel a lot. However, soft cases are usually made of some gorgeous fabric or soft leather, so are a great choice for the fashion conscious!

If you like the black aviator sunglasses above, then you can get the look with the INVU T1505 – Trend Collection. These super affordable sunnies feature black frames, retro double nose bridge detailing and dark grey tinted lenses! They’re on sale at the moment too – be sure to go and grab them before it’s too late! Take a look at the other two colour options too.

INVU T1505 - Trend Collection

INVU T1505 – Trend Collection


Why not also take a look at Vuarnet sunglasses?

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