Top Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are making a comeback, and there are lots of reasons to try out this trend.

For a start, they are super lightweight, so if you don’t like the feeling of heavy glasses on your face, then a rimless pair are a great idea.

They’re also really easy to clean; with no rim, there are less awkward spaces for grit and grime to get caught, so you can simply give your lenses a quick wipe and be guaranteed a clear canvas.

For those of us with mega prescriptions, they’re a clever option.

Lenses as thick as the bottoms of milk bottles even when they’ve been thinned down?

Never again will you have to worry about them fitting into the frame, or awkwardly overlapping it.

Their form also means you almost always get adjustable silicon nose pads, so you can actually fit the glasses to your face for optimum comfort.

Finally, rimless glasses are super versatile — you can find pairs that you can barely see on your face as well as pairs that make up for the subtle lenses with chunky arms and standout nose bridges.

If you don’t want to blend in then you don’t have to!

While you might associate rimless glasses with the 90s and early 00s, there are plenty of current-day celebs and influencers getting back in on the act, partly down to the renewed popularity of rimless shades.

Part of the appeal is surely how clean and clutter-free they look.

Here are some of our favourite styles if you fancy saying goodbye to your frames and hello to a pair of new rimless glasses.

Bvlgari BV2190B

These refined Bvlgari frames show off the brand’s statement polished style.

Deep, trapezium-shape lenses create a top-heavy look that frame the brow line and open up the eyes.

Rounded-off corners soften these frames, and contrast with the straight nose bridge.

Metal lugs add elegance and lead to plastic temples that taper towards the end.

Bvlgari’s branding is inscribed on the ends in gold for a delicate finish.

These specs would look fab in the boardroom or in important meetings.

Vista EMP7569

If you’re looking for a practical pair of rimless specs, then these from Vista are the ones for you.

The rectangular lenses look super smart, while the thick temples add durability.

A thin metal nose bridge and hinges keep these glasses sleek — a perfect everyday pair.

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Chopard VCHA95S

Keen for a featherlight style but don’t want anything too plain?

Try these bronze-hued specs from Chopard.

Featuring delicate detail on the temples and contrasting temple tips, they’re sure to command attention.


For the ultimate in comfort and style, try these Airlock specs.

Flexible and durable, you won’t need to worry about wear and tear as these glasses are made to last.

Simple yet timeless, they’re a great pair to try if you fancy dipping your toe in the world of rimless specs.

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