Transfer Window Stars: How They Rock Shades


There’s no need to hide the truth: football is the globally best-loved sport and we are certainly some of its biggest fans. No wonder then footballers are seen as stars and every step they take cameras flash and try to capture what they do in their private lives.

In the last decades, they are seen not only as public figures but also as trendsetters, expected to impose certain norms of fashion in the sports industry.  Considering the fact that another season of Premiership has begun, today we present you some of the key names of the last transfer window and their eyewear preferences.

Bastian Schweinsteiger. The German midfielder is arguably the biggest name that reinforced Manchester United. Just before his arrival to England, he posted this photo on his Instagram, indicating that he is ready to give his best as a red devil!

Ready for the big challenge. #packmas

A photo posted by Bastian Schweinsteiger (@bastianschweinsteiger) on

The shades Schweinsteiger wore on his way to Manchester are not an unfamiliar piece. It’s this season’s hit that you can find at Selectspecs. Try some of Ray Ban’s foldable Clubmaster models, for instance RB3016, or Baldessarini B7103 if you too prefer darker lenses.

baldessarini-b7103-sunglasses-at-selectspecs Memphis Depay. Another big name in the Devils. He joined the squad from the Dutch PSV, bringing not only great skills but also an eccentric sense of fashion.

We the ones that kept it cool with all these …… Til these …… start acting A photo posted by Memphis (@memphisdepay) on

Everyone loves white and translucent rims this summer, so don’t stand out! Stay in with CARRERA 6000 Multilayer.


Raheem Sterling. The man who caused much fuss about his move from Liverpool to Manchester City… Once, he was just a cool, quiet youngster from the Merseyside.


A photo posted by Raheem Sterling x 😇 (@sterling7) on

Are you in need for round glasses? Then don’t miss G-STAR RAW GS102S. The golden rims will accentuate the summer tan perfectly! g-star-raw-sunglasses-at-selectspecs Yet Liverpool believes that they found Sterling a replacement. Roberto Firmino, an attacking midfielder, joined the team from the German Hoffenheim. If you ever wanted to know how this quirky guy sings, here’s some genuine Brazilian sound.

@wesleysafadao A video posted by Roberto Firmino (@roberto_firmino) on

His musical talent might be debatable, but we like his shades, though. It’s always refreshing to see not everyone blindly follows fashion but is brave enough to experiment. If you too are of that kind, check out DIESEL DL0044.


Lat but not least, we have another music lover – Petr Cech, the staple of Chelsea for years, now the new hope of Arsenal. I bet not many of you knew he plays the drums.

And in case you’re more focused on the sound than on the image, here’s what his glasses look like.  A clear fan of rimless specs.

Our website has all kinds of designs and brands footballers both wear and love. Let us know which ones you like best and until then, enjoy the beginning of the new season. May the best team win! Cheers!

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