Why You Must Visit Spanish pearl: Ibiza

Spain is one of the most visited European countries as its tourism is considered a national treasure. Every year, people from all around the world choose the beautiful Mediterranean climate and travel to places such as Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Cordoba, Majorca or Valencia.

The country offers idyllic places which will remain captured in your mind for the rest of your life and the Latin and vibrant mood of Spanish cities make tourists fall in love with the Iberian Peninsula.

You will always want to come back, and our star of the day makes no exception as Ibiza is the perfect island to have fun and enjoy summer at its fullest.

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Lonelyplanet.com offers us an insight into the popularity of this island as it states that Ibiza’s modest population of 132,637 is swallowed whole by the six-million-odd tourists that descend on it each year. 

If you’re still unconvinced, we will offer you the best reasons to buy the first plane ticket to Ibiza.


Exceptional Views

Ibiza is not an ordinary place you might go this summer.

It’s actually the jewelry of Spain as it offers you a magnificent landscape.

Apart from its marvelous beaches ‘the island also has an absolutely beautiful coastline with dozens of tiny coves to discover,’ as outlined by telegraph.co.uk.

The color of the water is a mix between blue and azure and your eyes can only be hypnotized at such a beautiful image which looks like a highly-rated piece of art.

The coves are the highlights of the jigsaw as the coastline is a gift for your adventurous and creative spirit.

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Wild Parties

You cannot say crazy party without thinking of Ibiza. The website Lonelyplanet.com describes the island as:

The all-night raver, the boho-cool hippie chick, the sexiest babe on the beach – Ibiza is all this and more to those who have a soft spot for the party-loving sister of the Balearics. The cream of Europe’s DJs (David Guetta, Luciano, Sven Väth et al) makes the island holy ground for clubbers.

And if a party on land doesn’t fit your taste for social events, go nuts and choose a boat party as they bring the best in every young and wild adolescent.

There is no limit to music or fun and you can meet your favorite DJs or artists as this is the house of drum, house or electronic music.

The ticket starts from 50 euros but your night will be unforgettable so just make an eternal memory from your visit to Ibiza. No visa required if partying is your second job.


Top-Class Architecture

If the island is the equivalent of Oscars for partying, let’s just say hotels and architecture will always get a Golden Globe.

From a cultural point of view, Ibiza is generous as its buildings provide a history of vintage architecture.

You are free to live in a rural hotel or a hilltop hamlet if you want a quiet place to sleep so you can use your energy at the next-day party hosted by David Guetta.

On the other side, Playa d’en Bossa or San Antonio offer flamboyant and luxurious resorts with outdoor swimming pools, fancy restaurants and exquisite rooms.

The nice lounges and the luxury of the island have a daily rendezvous at the reception of a high-class hotel.


Cultural Heritage

And you might assume we ignore the lovers of culture but we can now offer you a tasty slice from the cake.

Its name is Dalt Vila (”Upper Town”).

The UNESCO-listed attraction is a memento of the Roman architecture as according to ibiza-spotlight.com, which points out:

You’re better off on foot, in sensible shoes, exploring the narrow, winding, steep cobbled streets and magnificent views from the breaks in the high ramparts and the vast terraces at each level (Dalt Vila actually means ‘Upper Town’). The dramatic main entrance is up a slope, crossing a drawbridge through the Portal de Ses Taules, flanked by mighty statues in roman stone, entering into an ancient cobbled stone courtyard, giving immediately on to the Plaza de Vila or main square.

Nonetheless, this is a perfect place to drink a coffee and relax your soul as Ibiza is also famous because of its magnificent cafe-bars.

Restaurant Dalt Vila is a popular place to eat and drink as its menu brings seafood and Mediterranean tapas at the same table.


Shockingly-Fashionable Shades

You can’t visit Ibiza without a first class pair of sunglasses.

I mean, you can party on the boat, admire magnificent coves, visit Dalt Vila and spend your day at the indoor swimming pool of your hotel.

There’s no way your pictures will be ordinary.

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