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When you start to dream up your next destination for a European city break, Bratislava may not be the first place that springs to mind. But, this humble yet bustling Slovak city has so much to offer.

From the provincial grandeur of the old town and its plentiful bars and cafes, to the reconstructed castle that sits atop a hill which can be seen from pretty much anywhere, Bratislava has the perfect combination of history and modern culture.

Here, we’ve come up with our top places to see in the city – they’re so good you might just find yourself booking a flight after reading about them.

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The Riverside

Bratislava sits on the famous river Danube, bordering both Austria and Hungary, and along its riverside you’ll find everything from boat tours to the Europa shopping centre and lively nightlife.

The bars and restaurants are really worth mentioning.

With plenty of spots to sit outside on hot summer days and balmy nights, the selection of cocktail bars and eateries attract both tourists and locals alike.

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The Old Town

Right in the heart of Bratislava is the Old Town, wherein lies the majority of restaurants, street cafes, and famous gelato shops.

Alongside are tourist attractions such as the Slovak National Theatre, the Slovak National Museum, and a number of churches including St. Martins.

Make sure to visit the Blue Church just outside the centre.

Fully pedestrianized besides some charming bus tours in old-fashioned trains, the Old Town of Bratislava is the kind of place you’ll find yourself strolling around by day and night, and always finding new hidden treasures to go into.

Bratislava Castle

Originally built in the 9th century, Bratislava castle has seen many iterations but the one that stands today began reconstruction in 1953.

Not only offering an insight into the history of Bratislava, the castle also plays host to beautiful Baroque gardens and several incredible vantage points of the city.

As you wander the streets of Bratislava, you’ll catch glimpses of its pure white exterior every now and then.

Only once you stroll right into the castle grounds that you experience its real grandeur.

Worth a visit even if only to view from the outside, and enjoy its exceptional grounds.

Bratislava castle is a must-see.

The UFO Tower

Worth a trip if not for the food but for the view, Bratislava’s UFO Tower boasts a top-notch bar and restaurant and a breathtaking cityscape to go with.

Identifiable by its space ship-type looks, the UFO tower is a key place to visit by day or night.

Located at the top of the Most SNP bridge, you can check out the open-air observation deck to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and maybe even see if you can spot some aliens.

One thing is for certain – don’t go up without taking your camera with you.

For a little more Eastern European travel inspiration, take a look at our guide to top attractions in Slovenia.

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