Travel with SelectSpecs: New York City

Breathtaking skyscrapers that light up at night time, dashing yellow cabs, steamy falafel vendors in the streets and city-dwellers power walking past.  These are just a few things that make up the beautiful & world famous NYC: the most populous city in all of America.  For those of you who don’t know much about the big apple, here are our top recommendations for when you visit this concrete jungle.

Central Park

Known as the most visited urban park in all of America, this expansive stretch of greenery is an eco haven amidst the hustle and bustle of NYC.  Ranging from joggers, to tourists riding horse drawn carriages to lovers holding hands, the park is always packed with onlookers eager to escape the city.  Stop by the park for a breezy stroll & scenic view.

Whole Foods Market

Dairy-free almond milk yogurt, fresh blueberries, medjool dates and cinnamon granola from Whole Foods

Known as America’s most popular organic grocery store, this health food haven is a must for anyone looking to do a little detoxing.  An array of fresh produce, juices, vegetarian friendly takeout and dairy free goodies are stocked on the shelves of Whole Foods.

For a list of NYC stores go to:

Vegan Bakery: by Chloe.

Nothing tastes sweeter than a gluten free, vegan dessert where no animals were harmed in the making.  This trendy (and very popular) eatery is located in the heart of Manhattan.  Drink up a freshly juiced cocktail, nibble on a dairy-free pastry, or indulge in one of their healthy vegan bowls filled with veggies and nutrients.  But be careful on the weekends, this spot is packed for seating around brunch-time.

5th Ave.

Known for glamorous designer shops, picturesque old buildings and, of course, the notorious trump tower, 5th ave is one of the best shopping streets in the world.  Perfect for sightseeing, people watching and a little retail therapy.

For a list of stores & attractions go to:

But First, Dairy- Free Coffee

When traveling overseas, it is quite possible that you will end up waking at odd hours of the night (or day) and may be in dire need of a caffeine fix.  Cafe Grumpy, located in the heart of NYC’s busy Grand Central Station, is a trendy spot for grabbing an almond milk coffee or hot chocolate on the go.  I would definitely recommend a pit stop at this coffee shop while exploring around Manhattan.

Safe Travels

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Wherever you may be going, you wish you a safe & exciting filled journey.


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