Top 5 Tips Tor Traveling With Specs

If you are off on your holidays this summer, you are likely to be taking sunglasses or glasses of some sort. Traveling, especially long haul, can be stressful enough without having to also worry about a fragile pair of specs breaking or going off on their own travels.

For the many people who rely on glasses, losing them is without a doubt going to completely ruin their holiday.

We have put together this handy post to help you prevent the very worst from happening, and how to be prepared if it does.

Keep reading to find out more.


1. Get a Solid Case

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You probably already have a glasses case, but make sure you buy a solid one before your travels.

This goes for your sunglasses too – not many people actually use a sunglasses case, which is basically a disaster waiting to happen!

This is especially important if your specs are going to be traveling in your luggage and in the hold of a plane.

There is no telling how roughly your luggage will be handled or if a really heavy case is going to be put on top of it.

2. Take At Least Two Pairs

A simple way to help alleviate any stress worrying about losing a pair of specs is to take at least two pairs with you.

Two pairs of sunglasses and two pairs of glasses.

This way, if one pair decides to disappear into the ocean whilst you’re jet skiing or your friend decides to sit on them, you will have a backup option ready to go!

You don’t need to spend loads of money on a second pair, and SelectSpecs do some gorgeous low-cost sunnies and glasses.

Take the Savannah S8122 – Tortoise (Sunglasses).

These gorgeous tortoiseshell sunnies are incredibly similar to other much pricier brands but at a much lower cost of £10.

They also come in loads of other colours.

 Savannah S8122 - Tortoise (Sunglasses)

Savannah S8122 – Tortoise (Sunglasses)

3. Take Tour Prescription

Just in case you manage to go through the two pairs you bought with you, having your prescription to hand will be essential if you need to get another pair.

Just write it into your phone or take a photo of it and it will give you huge peace of mind knowing you’ve got it.

Steal Zoella’s gorgeous glasses look above with the Infinity P77333.

These pretty tortoiseshell glasses feature oversized round frames to keep you bang on trend on your holiday!

Infinity P77333

Infinity P77333

4. Consider Transitional Lenses


Drivewear DW6

Drivewear DW6

If you need to travel light, then maybe you should consider taking a pair or two of some glasses with transitions lenses.

These are great for when you don’t have much room in your suitcase and when you don’t know what the weather is going to do.

Whether it is super sunny or completely overcast, you will be covering all eventualities with these lenses.

5. Take Some Glasses Cleaner

Glasses cleaner is an essential, especially if you are going somewhere particularly dusty, polluted or sandy!

When you are travelling, you may not have access to water and dishwashing liquid (which a lot of people use to clean their specs).

Instead, look for a spray cleaner and take a cleaning cloth with you to make sure you have the perfect vision throughout your holiday.

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