Unusual Office Spaces Around The World

According to recent research, a varied office environment equals a better chance of innovation. Yes, it seems it’s not all about the open-plan office design anymore.

In fact, studies show it could be preventing workers from concentrating.

Gensler’s 2016 UK Workplace Survey suggests that the best and most productive offices are the ones that support different working styles and include a mix of private, semi-private, and open-plan environment.

Further to the study, the What Workers Want survey, conducted by real estate advisor Savills and the British Council for Offices, suggested that more than a quarter of people surveyed felt that their workplace layout made them less productive.

If you’re one of the 53 per cent of people who feel that their work would benefit from a more suitable environment, get some inspiration (or take it straight to the boss) from this selection of office spaces that break the mould.

Google, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Occupying 8,000 sq m over eight floors, Google’s office space in Israel’s ultra-hip capital city features a different colourfully-themed landscape on each floor, which includes a garden, dessert and living room.

50 per cent of areas are allocated for collaborations and communications, with play areas and three restaurants also incorporated for down time.

Traditional desk style working and private meeting rooms are also available.

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Airbnb, San Francisco, United States

Accommodating 100 + employees in its San Francisco office, Airbnb selected locally-based firm IDF Studio to source and outfit each of its meeting rooms.

Designed to look like rooms from a select few of Airbnb’s rental listings, workspace themes vary from a clean and contemporary artist’s studio to a private and cosy log cabin.

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ISLEmedia, London, Great Britain

Designed to look like a video game, the ISLEmedia offices present an 8-bit graphic artwork.

The entire interior design of the company’s HQ is made out of 2D flat panels with pixel design.

Converting almost everything from bins to coat racks, the office also boasts a pixel office garden with lunch trucks, campervans and pretend food.

Lego, Billund, Denmark

LEGO stair

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The Billund office is nothing less than what you’d expect from the creative masterminds at Lego.

Design elements such as huge grass wall graphics sit alongside a giant Lego man and tables with built-in bonsai gardens.

The idea is to challenge perceptions – posing the question: who is big and who is small?

A large slide marks the journey into the collaboration areas, while light, open spaces encourage creativity and happiness.

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Inventionland, Pennsylvania, United States


The 70,000 sq ft offices of design company Inventionland boast 15 different sets that range from pirate ships, race tracks and faux caves to red carpet walkways and a giant robot.

Employees are known as ‘creationeers’ and wear lab coats if they choose.

State of the art technology is used for creating working prototypes for inventions in the facilities workshops and animation studios.

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