Up Your Game With Some Seriously Sporty Sunglasses

For outdoor sports lovers, sunglasses often prove to be an incredibly important asset to your everyday routine. We might be heading into the winter months now but that doesn’t mean that the sun won’t shine! Most sports sunglasses are optimised for troublesome sun glare and are vital when it comes to protecting your eyes against UV rays.

If you’re looking for some sporty styles that won’t hold you back, then check out these fantastic frames for the ultimate sporting experience.

Esprit ET19570


Traditionally sporty and perfect for those winter days when the sun catches you out, the Esprit ET19570 sunglasses are the one of the best budget friendly sports frames for both men and women.

Alongside their sporty wrap around shape, these frames offer the sports wearer a whole plethora of advantages, including an anti-slip rubber bridge across the nose, high protection from sunlight and wide fitting rubber temple band.

Thanks to their super sleek design, these sunglasses suit most face shapes and can be worn whatever the weather!

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Adidas AH60 Manchester Polarised


Another pair of super stylish sunnies to get your heart racing!

It might be nearing winter but those bright and breezy days keep on coming, so don’t get caught out by the elements. These sunglasses just ooze cool with their slick aviator shape and icy grey tint, perfect for the sports lover with a casual rock and roll style.

The tinted polarised lenses mean that you’ll never have to worry about troublesome sun glare, making these sunglasses perfect for a laid back weekend cruise or extreme fishing trip.

Über coolness awaits you! Find them on the SelectSpecs site.

CEBE Basecamp


If you dare to be different then these CEBE basecamp sunglasses are the frames for you!

Adjustable nose pads, removable safety straps and an anti-reflective coating are just some of the features these sunglasses give the wearer, ensuring they stay just where they need to be so you can get on with your training. With their removable lateral protection and striking black frames, these sunglasses are not only practical but boast a fantastically quirky design that’s resonant of the Steampunk culture.

Suitable for both men and women, these small fit sunglasses come with the choice of a brown or black tinted lens.

Feeling…unusual? Grab them here and stand out whilst you work out.

Oakley Radarlock Path


With a sweeping polarised lens, the Oakley special edition Tour De France sunglasses are not only strikingly beautiful but are at the height of sports sunglasses technology, making them perfect for athletes and serious sports lovers alike.

These sunglasses are both lightweight and durable, meaning they’re suitable for every kind of terrain. So whether you’re climbing a mountain or biking through dense woodland, you can be safe in the knowledge that these frames won’t budge! Alongside their durability, the Radar Path sunglasses are specially designed to give you the highest optical clarity, whilst working hard to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Suitable for men, these sunglasses are perfect for the athlete that needs stability and protection by the bucket load!

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Nike Emergent EV0743

nike emergent

Minimalist and cool, these are the perfect pair of sports sunglasses for the modern man.

The Nike Emergent EV0743 sunglasses flaunt a stunningly beautiful design. The cool grey lens works perfectly with the sleek arms and provides the wearer with ultimate comfort and style in one neat package.

These incredibly lightweight frames come with 100% UVA and UVB protection, readying you for the ultimate outdoor adventure. Best of all, the Nike Emergent frames come with an adjustable ventilated nose pad for optimum fit and minimal fogging whilst you work out.

Available in three different colours, find these ultra-cool Nike frames now on the SelectSpecs site.

Have you bagged yourself some super sporty frames? We want to hear about it!

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