Velvet Editions: Glasses Warming up for Fall

velvet glasses

Those dark nights are drawing in and you’ve already started adding more layers to your clothing, Autumn has well and truly made it’s chilling entrance and you know the temperature is only going down from here.  It’s not all doom and gloom however when we catch a glimpse of the Fall lines from the catwalk.  Thick tights, knee high boots and long classy trench coats will always be on trend.

Velvet Frames…are soo cool!

Warming up your eyewear to match the change of the season can be a touch more difficult, but instead of  experimenting with colour you could try experimenting with material.


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Givenchy launched a game changer last fall which continues to be popular this season by banishing those cold metallic frames until next summer which firmly stamps velvet as the way to go. These gorgeous Cat Eye frames above are perhaps the most popular velvet edition of  eyewear and are also currently on sale here.  But Givenchy being Givenchy, didn’t stop there and added even more flare, for the daring as you can see from the image below!  These are also in the sale and are available here.

Ray-Ban, the brand that doesn’t miss a trick, also took note and released frames embellished with a plush velvet dressing, in a variety of colours.  The male range, respectively named Chris (pictured below, available here) has a mirrored lens thus keeping you cool to those who are lapping up the ski-slopes and winter sports this year.  But if you’re not feeling too sporty and you’re only planning to put your feet up and drink a few beers at the resort bar than these velvet covered frames will still keep you comfy because of the material’s natural softness (another good point about velvet – why hasn’t this been done before?!)

Shown below,is the Erika designed frame for ladies.  This frame also comes in different colours which refreshes the usual black ‘safe’ frame and is sure to brighten any face (especially the violet shade, in my humble opinion.)  Due to the lightweight arms the design is open to suit all face shapes and are also both on sale if they haven’t caught your attention already?  Suitable for prescription lenses too, so you’ll be doing your fall/winter wardrobe a serious favour.

Why not give a Velvet frame a try and make it a new accessory?

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