Venezuela’s Top Athletes

With relish, I would like to infer that in the world of sports there are no boundaries, no gender, where merely sky is the limit.

The aim is to test our own abilities, reach for the unreachable, and show strength.

Truthfully, I believe that sport is an artistic way to express ourselves using the body as an instrument, alike Picasso and Matisse used their brushes to draw the world’s attention to their feelings and beliefs.

Every sportsperson would agree with me if I said that the decision to be an athlete takes serious risks such as injuries or the most-feared failure.

Yet, capitulation is by no means part of an athlete’s vocabulary.

Even though Venezuela has been abundantly in the news lately, unfortunately mostly related to less cheerful content.

Hereby, their stars are forgotten who proudly represent their native country.

Inspirationally, women and men alike display their pride and the mastery of their discipline respectively to remind the world that hope and effort go alongside.


Milka Duno

She’s a race car driver and has competed at the Verizon IndyCar Series as well as in the ARCA Racing Series.

For those who are not familiar with this sport, the IndyCar Series is a professional-level race that takes place in the USA such as the ARCA Racing Series.

This power woman was once a naval engineer.

It is obvious that speed and engines run deep in her blood.

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Pablo Sandoval

This Venezuelan Baseball star plays for the San Francisco Giants in the baseball major leagues.

According to his fan page, he’s nicknamed “King Fu Panda” possibly for his colossal strong and simultaneously lovable bear-like appearance.

Originally from Puerto Bello, Pablo’s determination has led him from the minor leagues to the big fields.

He’s truly an all-star who is able to play first base, third base, as well as catcher.

Bien trabajo el día de hoy muchachos seguimos con el plan y la meta que tenemos 🏆

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Yulimar Rojas

Yulimar is a track and field athlete.

She brought home a silver medal in 2016 at the Olympic Games from the Rio de Janeiro Triple Jump.

Last year at the IAFF World Indoor Championships in Portland, she won the first gold medal ever for Venezuela at her speciality.

Nobody would believe that she is only 22.

Her achievements have shown that there will be more to come from her in the future.

🙈 #trackandfield

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Albert Subirats

He represented his country at the Olympic Games in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

He used to train on the swimming team of his former university in Arizona.

Albert is as charismatic as he is committed.

I am confident there will be more news about him in the near future.

"Los sueños por más pequeños o grandes que sean se pueden lograr y eso es lo más importante. Si hay algo que llevo y que que es un consejo muy importante para mí: cualquier sueño que hayan tenido de pequeño por más tontico que parezca, si pueden hacer el máximo esfuerzo para lograrlo, haganlo, porque de verdad la satisfacción que da es muy muy bonita. Pero es muy importante recordar que aún sin conseguir los sueños que te propones puedes recibir mucho, hay una frase que a mí me gusta mucho y la tengo escrita en mi cuarto que dice: la experiencia la consigues cuando no consigues lo que quieres. De todo se aprende en esta vida. Y te diría que hasta se aprende más cuando no te salen las cosas bien que cuando te salen bien. Algo muy importante, a veces se consiguen pero tienes que pasar bastantes obstáculos para conseguirlos. Y esto es muy importante para mí, repitan esto: los obstáculos están ahí por una razón. No para mantenernos alejados de nuestros sueños sino que están ahí para demostrarnos las ganas que tenemos de realizar nuestras metas" #AlbertSubirats #NadadorOlímpico #Swimmer #Swimmer#Venezolano

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