Vintage Gift Inspiration: 3 Retro Glasses for the Vintage Fashion Lover

If you’re shopping for someone who’s into their vintage fashion this Christmas, finding the right gift can be quite tricky. Because vintage fans are discerning shoppers; they like what they like, and they know what they like.

If you’re inexperienced in hunting through flea markets or you don’t feel confident sourcing, pricing and dating items from vintage markets, there are still ways you can treat a special friend with something beautiful and vintage-inspired. It doesn’t have to be vintage to have that much-loved vintage charm.

At SelectSpecs, there’s a huge range of designer specs and sunglasses for women, many of which are designed with influences from decades passed. So if you have a retro loving friend to buy for, you will definitely be able to find them something fabulous…

So how do you make sure that you don’t get it wrong when shopping for prescription spectacles or vintage inspired sunglasses? Here we bring you a quick guide to 3 of the most popular vintage styles.

1) 1950s Cat Eye Glasses

The cat eye style of frame was popularised during the 1950s and 60s, and the style is often used in movies and popular culture to reference the typical secretary / librarian look of that time. But today, they are loved by fashionistas all over the world. The style itself can actually be worn with fashion from all decades; but due to the cat eye design being prominent in the 1950s and early 60s, you will see many fashion bloggers teaming together 50s tea dresses with these sassy specs.

So these frames work wonderfully for women who love post-war fashion, Rockabilly fashion or 50s pinup fashion. If you’re looking for some cat eye frames, these Roberto Cavalli RC0930 glasses are perfect as a luxury gift.

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2) 1980s Granny Glasses

This look is so chic and surprisingly sexy. But not everyone can pull it off. This look is reserved exclusively for the fashion confident and the fashion forward; if you’re shopping for someone who is firmly in the driving seat with their wardrobe and someone who rocks vintage like it never went out of fashion, a pair of oversized granny style glasses could be the ideal Christmas present. Granny style glasses look great with skinny jeans and a chunky knit jumper, or can be styled with a simple shift dress for that ultra chic day-to-night look.

If you know someone who would love a pair of granny glasses this festive season, take a look at our stunning Marc Jacobs MJ630 oversized specs, available in 4 different colours.

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3) Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses


The Hepburn sunnies have become one of the most iconic pieces of eyewear of our time. And it’s no surprise when Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the most glamorous movie to have ever been made, with the effortlessly beautiful Audrey Hepburn playing Miss Holly Golightly. Not only will her movie character be eternally recognised for her oversized hat and her stylish black LBDs, but she’s also a picture of elegance in her large lucite sunglasses.

This look is best suited for the ultra feminine and ultra glamorous; could this be someone you know? This is the type of vintage fashion lover who searches high and low for the perfect Dior pumps, she’ll scour the internet in search of discontinued Chanel earrings, and she’s a connoisseur of silk and cashmere. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s girl is a vintage vixen with very expensive taste and we’ve found  her the perfect designer sunglasses to match. The Tiffany TF4027G sunglasses by Tiffany & Co feature a stunning black / havana design and they’re the perfect memento of this early 1960s movie.

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