Vintage Style Bloggers and Their Glasses: A Look at Some of Our Favourite Eyewear Style Influencers


Someone once told me that you can spot a vintage style blogger from a mile off. Spot a camera and you’ve already reached phase one; unless they’re a roaming photographer or an art student, they are almost definitely a blogger.

Flat shoes is the second giveaway. And we’re not talking about any old flats either. We’re talking Chanel brogues or some sort of vintage burgundy croc loafers with a low to mid heel. Because the style blogger is all about comfort and style (how else do you think they get to and from events/meetings all day without getting blisters?).

Add some slightly worn accessories (usually a vintage bag or some jewellery from Portobello Market) and you’ve got yourself a vintage fashion blogger. Because if there’s one thing that vintage bloggers love, it’s accessories.

Accessories are the most accessible fashion items to help transform a high street look into a vintage look. Add a hat, a silk scarf or some retro glasses and you’re good to go. And on that subject, here are 3 fabulous vintage bloggers / online influencers who look great in glasses! Read on if you want to steal their specs…

Forever Yours Betty

If you walk past this blogger in the streets, you won’t miss her. And no, I’m not talking about Betty’s bright orange hair (although that does help), I’m talking about her bold sense of style.

At first, you may think that she’s a 1940s throwback or a confused WW2 Land Girl with crazy hair and pretty blue eyes. But look a little closer, and you’ll discover that every outfit Betty puts together is well-considered and always finished off with just the right amount of accessories.

What I love most about Betty’s personal style is that she never, ever overdoes it. And those vintage glasses? They’re on point. If you love her spectacle look as much as I do, steal her style with these Versace VE3191 prescription frames for women. They have a similar cat eye design and come in a stunning mottled brown.

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Xander Vintage

Retro vibes #Glassesdotcom #KateSpade #ChrisWeberHair

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Alanna Durkovich (@xandervintage) on

It’s hard not to turn green with envy when you look at blogger Alanna Durkovich’s Instagram. This vintage style blogger seems to do the whole vintage look a bit differently. She’s not bound by a certain decade and she uses an eclectic mix of styles to create her look – which just happens to be polished and seductively sexy EVERY time.

We don’t know how she does it, but we do know how you can steal her style. These Miu Miu MU 04LV glasses have a bold geek chic style rim but thin metal temples to create a more feminine vintage look (just like Alanna’s). The perfect vintage glasses if you want added sex appeal…

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Bee Waits

She’s bezzies with Betty (Forever Yours Betty) and she’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. What more could you ask for in a blogger? Fashion influencer Claire’s sense of style is a fresh, fun and fashionable take on the vintage wardrobe and that makes her extra, extra awesome in our books. Steal her spectacle style in the Smith Optics MADDOX glasses which feature a retro inspired round lens and light Havana frame.

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