Visit Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city, full of incredible art, culture, music and architecture. We visited for a couple of nights, followed by a trip to Graz.

Vienna is one of those destinations where you can either spend a few nights before continuing to another European city, or you can consider it your final destination.

There are enough things to do for either time scale.

Here are some memorable experiences you would not want to miss whilst you are in Vienna.


Museums Quartier

Take a few hours and stroll through Museums Quartier.

If not to enter the museums, have a stroll through the courtyards and have a look for any installations or art pop-ups that frequent the area.

The courtyard is also a great place to people-watch, whilst being surrounded by some pretty snazzy architecture.

Schloss Schönbrunn Gardens

The gardens here are incredible.

Cross your fingers for a sunny day and go and enjoy the beautiful flora.

If you enjoy taking photographs of nature, this would be the perfect place for you.

A visit to this gorgeous palace can easily take a few hours, and if its a good day, possibly even longer.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Beautiful photography of St. Stephen's Cathedral by @jakobnoc via @topviennaphoto #vienna #vienna_austria #austria

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This cathedral is one of the iconic monuments of Vienna.

It is a gothic masterpiece from the outside and a just as beautiful on the inside.

I would highly recommend trying to visit the inside (or at the very least – have a peep) because the spatial qualities are gorgeous.

And if you are feeling extra touristy, you can even get a fridge magnet to match.

The square outside the cathedral can get quite busy and is also a great place to do some people-watching and absorb the Viennese energy.

Try The Famous Sachertorte

Whether it is the original from Hotel Sacher or a replication in another bakery, a trip to Vienna is not complete without a slice of the famous Sachertorte.

Chocolate and orange make for the perfect combination.

Aside from the Sachertorte, you will find plenty of other bakeries and delicious-looking goodies to try.

You’re on holiday – you might as well immerse yourself in all aspects.

Check Out Some Hundertwasser

Das Hundertwasserhaus 🌿 Foto von @julieythe1st #vienna_austria #austria #vienna

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If you are an art and music fan, Vienna is the perfect location to get lost in the creative arts.

Not only will you find what you’re looking for, but so much more.

Take a trip to visit some of Hundertwasser’s creations.

Do keep in mind it is a little out of the way, so you would do well to plan around it if you choose to go visit.

Also, though it may sound obvious, go during the day.

The buildings are not well-lit at night, so a lot of the beauty is lost without some natural lighting.

Have a look through the gift shop as well for some quirky souvenirs.

Enjoy The Architecture: Old & New

Evening walk at Stephansplatz. ✨ Picture by @hintermuller #vienna_austria #vienna #austria

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One of the joys of Vienna is walking through the streets and appreciating the architecture.

The great thing is that you will find a great mix of both old and new architecture, and a variety of styles as well.

If not to observe the architectural beauty, a walk through the streets is a great way to catch the amazing Vienna spirit.

You may want to make a stop at a coffee shop or for a glass of wine en route.

A Sofitel Sunset

If you have the time, go up the the Sofitel before sunset.

Carry a pair of these beautiful Bvlgari BV8187KB sunglasses and enjoy the view of the city against the incredible sunset-sky.

You will definitely be spending your time well up there.

Grab yourself a cocktail at the same time and you have the perfect combination.

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