Vogue Holiday Chic Sunglasses: Steal The Look!

cool sunglasses 2016 holiday ideas

Holidays are coming and I am sure a lot of you are impatiently anticipating some beach time instead of the Christmas tree… but of course after you’ve taken all your gifts with you!

This year Tory Buch in collaboration with the Vogue creative director Giavanna Battaglia have created a super glamorous video about their resort 2016 collection to inspire you with this holidays fashion choices!

Let’s take a look and unwrap these stylish sunglasses for our tropical destinations!

The video captures the excitement of a girl anticipating a warm getaway with a series of fashionable, scintillating items and dream-worthy dresses! Jessica Hart is lip-syncing to Kent Jones’ Don’t Mind as she unwraps presents in her apartment, picks her outfits for the summer holiday, and dances excited with her girl squad.

Let’s Get Ready!

Tory Buch sunglasses idea for 2016 holidays
We see the stunning Hart wearing different pieces of beautiful, light and colorful clothes with big floral prints, wonderful bags, slippers and fabulous sunglasses: all with a refined elegance!

In the snap above she is wearing a pair of big oval blue sunglasses, perfect for already feeling relaxed and in the middle of a paradise island. Try the Vera Wang V295 blue sunglasses, to steal her ultra trendy look!
Blue Vera Wang big oval sunglasses


If you like the light blue colour more, these Kate Spade GENICE/S are a beautiful pair to wear with every stylish dress you put in your suitcase!

blue cat eye sunglasses Kate Space Genice


Holiday Time!

cool sunglasses idea for 2016 holiday

The destination chosen for the video was Jamaica! Full of beautiful flowers, wild nature and heavenly beaches it is without doubt a dream for many of us and a perfect place to relax and have fun. The two models in the snap above have already worn their gorgeous bathing suits and cool sunglasses, dancing to a rhythmic song in the background, feeling those holiday vibes.

If you love the cool rose framed sunglasses of Jessica Hart try these Kate Spade LORELLE/Sthey will be the most chic and fashionable item in your wardrobe!


Kate Spade light pink sunglasses

Black New Aviator

cool stylish sunglasses for 2016 holiday

Instead if you prefer the super cool black horn framed sunglasses of the co-starring model of Jessica Hart, try these Ray-Ban RB4256 – Gatsby I new aviator.

You will have the most superb look and divine allure of them all!

Ray-Ban horn rimmed black sunglasses


Let us know, in the comment section below, which of the above shown sunglasses you liked the most and which is your destination for this 2016 holidays!

For more ultra glamorous shades Vogue would be proud of take a look at the dazzling collection from Chopard here.

Are you preparing for your next getaway? Maybe some winter sun? Share your best snaps with us with #SelectSpecsSelfie

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