10 Signs You’ve Got Wanderlust

Some of us are free-spirited at heart. Disapproving of being stuck in the daily grind of life. We love freedom, are total dreamers and have a passion for adventure. We want to roam, explore and travel the world.

We only have one life to live and there are so many things to do, so many places to see and so many areas to discover and explore.

After all, life is too short to be stuck in your comfort zone. Here are 10 serious signs of chronic wanderlust that you probably possess.

1. You are already planning your next trip.

You never stop thinking about the next place you want to visit, and you are always searching online for flights, holiday deals, packages, etc.

You are always trying to figure out the ways to visit your dream destinations.


2. You follow a lot of travel accounts on social media.

Especially on Instagram! You love to view other people’s trips and you feel inspired to travel even more.

Also, if you have a serious case of wanderlust then chances are, your social media channels are dedicated to travel and contain a lot of content around the topic, including travel pictures and travel quotes.


3. You take inspiration from travel content.

You love reading travel blogs and magazines, and watching travel vlogs.

Viewing travel content inspires you to explore the world a lot more and to plan your trips to some wonderful destinations.


4. You live out of a suitcase.

As you are always on the go, you literally live out of a suitcase (or a backpack) and don’t have a huge load of possessions to take with you on your travels except for the important items.


5. You view traveling as an investment.

You’d rather spend money on experiences and memories that you will cherish forever, rather than spend the money on superficial and material items.


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6. You get itchy feet.

As an explorer at heart with a free spirit, you can’t stay still. You’re a little bit restless.

You are always looking to go on the move and visit somewhere new, discover hidden gems or go to your favorite place.


7. Corporate jobs scare you.

The thought of working in a typical traditional job where you have a certain amount of annual leave scares you.

You’d rather have the freedom to travel when you want.


8. You are the go-to travel guru.

You know all the best holiday packages, the best flight deals and the best times to visit certain destination.

Among your friends, you are the travel expert.


9. You have friends and connections all around the world.

In you’re mind, there is no such thing as a stranger. Instead, you have numerous friends around the world that you met through your travels.

You stay in touch with these friends as often as possible and your shared enthusiasm for travel bonds you closely with your chums around the world.


10. You value and appreciate other cultures.

Traveling is the best way to open your mind and broaden your horizons.

By going on journeys of wanderlust, you have been able to experience other cultures and different ways of living around the world, and this makes you appreciative of various cultures and diversity.

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