Watch Out Ray-Ban – Wayfarer Style Glasses & Sunglasses from £10

Like everyone else on the planet, I love the achingly cool style and fit of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer frame.  Unfortunately, like many others, I can’t afford the eye watering price tag that comes with it.

Thousands of brands have tried to pitch in on the continually popular glasses and still appear to be just another cheap knock-off.  Even the fake Ray-Ban’s the street vendor tries to sell you on holiday just don’t compare.

Until, of course, the new Ray-Ban Wayfarer inspired Savannah 8122 frame arrived.  Oh yes, feast your eyes on my silly selfies.



The previous 8121 from the Savannah collection have been one of our most popular frames since we added them last Summer – you can find them here if you’re interested.  They too are similar in design to the more classic Wayfarer, however the new 8122‘s have really upped their game by reducing the size of the lens to mimic the Ray-Ban RX5184 New Wayfarer, making them suitable for a bigger variety of face shapes and sizes.

There’s a massive ten different colours to chose from in both prescription and sunglasses, as I’ve modelled above and below the best I could.



Starting from £10, you might be thinking Savannah must have scrimped on the material, but nope. All frames are made from a plastic material, contributing to it’s light and comfy feel and actually has a rubber-like look and touch.  Yes, we have left the nineties and cheap plastic sunglasses are well behind us.  (Let’s not go back there.)


The sunglasses offer full UV400 protection, unlike that cheeky street vendor on holiday selling you the worst sunglasses.  Ever experienced wearing sunglasses yet you’re still squinting when wearing them under the sun?  Yeah, these won’t do that to you.

The sunglasses can also be glazed as prescription sunglasses – and if doing so here’s a word of advice.  We recommend buying the optical version instead, add your prescription as usual, and then choose a tint.  It works out a little cheaper this way as the sunglasses version would need to have it’s lenses replaced resulting in a slightly higher cost.

Hey, if you’re trying to save money on sunglasses as it is, then you may as well get them at the cheapest price!  That advice is on us.  After all, we are here to save you money.



Summer or winter, don’t despair – Savannah has now got you covered.  Here’s the link for you to browse all 8122 options and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Or send us in a selfie of you and your Savannah’s via twitter @SelectSpecs or Instagram @SelectSpecs.  Use the hashtag #SelectSpecsSelfie

Thanks for reading and viewing!

Savannah 8122 Wayfarer Style glasses and sunglasses from

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