Why You Need To Wear Driving Sunglasses

When it comes to driving, most of us will grab our favourite shades before hitting the road without even realizing there are driving specific sunglasses out there. But sunglasses aren’t just a stylish accessory to make you look cool, although they also serve that purpose.

Sunglasses not only help to protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays, but they also help to improve visibility.

Whether you’re driving in a rural area or in a busy city, visibility makes a world of difference when you’re driving.

Squinting and shielding from the sun aren’t the only dangers when out on the road.

Glare from a windshield is a major cause of traffic accidents around the world.

While the windshield provides great protection in some ways – such as from adverse weather conditions – the curved glass can produce incredibly bright glares and reflections that can cause even more trouble than the sun.

A great pair of driving sunglasses can help reduce glare and other visibility issues.

The right pair of shades will block out particular colours in the light spectrum, making the road look clearer than ever before.

Some sunglasses are even capable of manipulating your vision to ensure that everything looks crisp and clear.

That being said, there’s a world of choice out there and not every pair of sunglasses are made the same.

Cheap sunglasses that are made for style rather than function will do more harm than good.

Even expensive designer shades aren’t guaranteed to improve your vision.

Here are a few of the best-known sunglasses for driving.

Ray-Ban RB3183 Sidestreet (Standard)

Ray-Ban is an iconic manufacturer of sunglasses.

Renowned for making shades that are stylish and functional, the RB3183 Sidestreet from Ray-Ban is no different.

These sunglasses feature a minimalist metal frame.

It’s curved to ensure a comfortable fit for both small and large faces.

As a lightweight pair of shares, the frame only touches the upper part of the lens leaving the bottom frameless.

With a number of different lens and frame combinations, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Lenses come in a variety of colours, all of which can improve vision based on the environment they are used in.

The glasses give you the option of opting for a polarized lens, making them a great option for driving and being out on the water.

If you wear prescription eyewear, these shades come prescription ready.

Serengeti Classics Martino

The Classics Martino glasses from Serengeti come with polarized lenses, which are designed to increase contrast and colour while reducing glare.

They are a great option for versatile outdoor use.

The Driver’s polarized lenses are designed to improve vision and clarity on the road.

These lenses work great in virtually any light making them a great choice of driving eyewear.

Things To Consider

1. Generally, brighter colours such as reds and blues aren’t suited to driving.

They will alter the appearance of traffic lights, which could be very dangerous.

Neutral colours, such as blacks and browns, are the way to go.


2. One of the most important things to look for when finding a pair of sunglasses for driving is polarized lenses because they are specially treated to reduce glare and improve vision.


3. In addition to being polarized, manufacturers may also have their own anti-glare coating.

This will further reduce glare, making the sunglasses an even better fit for driving.


4. Photochromic lenses, also called variable tint lenses, change the tint level based on the lighting condition.

While these are a good choice for everyday wear, they are considered to be bad for driving.

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