Spring 2017: Fashion Trends

Spring is just around the corner. I can hear the birds tweeting already.

The time of year where flowers bloom, the sun starts to shine again and we get excited for the anticipation of summer.

With a new season comes a whole new ensemble of new trends, and new wardrobe must haves! Say goodbye to the woven knitwear that kept you warm in the blisteringly cold winter, and say hello to something new. Bolder, brighter and on trend!

With London Fashion Week still hot on the press, there is no hiding what’s hot and not right now. Think the utility trend, khaki and Pantone colour of the year.

Together, we can embark on a journey of understanding as we delve deeper into Spring fashion for 2017.

Pantone provides us with a yearly colour report highlighting what colours are popular on the catwalk. Ranging from elements of blue, to bold vibrant colours of yellow and orange.

These colours just ooze spring! In Spring ’17, we can see trends that are vibrant and exuding bright colour palettes to ones that represent earthiness and are perhaps more naturalistic.

What style, or colour suits you best? Are you a vibrant, enthusiastic bright coloured kind of fashionista, or a more relaxed, simplistic styled kind of person? Whatever your style befits, there is a trend for every personality type.

Playing on the prevalence of khaki into today’s fashion trends, it brings elements of utility and military into our everyday lives. Add some khaki into your everyday wardrobe.

Whether it is the utilisation of a khaki coat, or top, these are wardrobe essentials.  And don’t forget the khaki accessories.

Play on this trend subtly, through the inclusion of our gorgeous, designer eye wear that will keep you on trend throughout spring!


Chloe offers a stunning eyewear range for ladies. Think trendy, subtle glam perfect for spring weather. From eye wear essentials to sunglasses for sunnier days, make khaki your go to colour this spring.

Every year, spring is associated with nature.

Florals, are always a massive trend during this time. The subtle inclusion of florals into any wardrobe can evoke a feeling of blooming. Pick warm colours that compliment all skin tones and the right pattern of florals to suit your style.

Are you a dress kind of woman? Or are you looking for something a little more low key, and not so obvious? Sparking nature into your eye wear collection is a great idea for a spring revamp.

2. Floral

From designer Joules sunglasses, to practical reading glasses, you are sure to find your floral accessory essentials. Be bold with your eyewear and don’t be afraid to pick power colours and striking designs.

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Do not be alluded into thinking that spring is all about vibrancy and boldness, there is still a large platform for more tranquil colours. Pantone named soft pinks and blush colours as the hot picks for springtime.

These colours compliment skin tones, lighter hair colours and bring out an endearing character. There is something transparent, and alluding about a soft pink or subtle blush colour. Be mysterious for this season.

3. Soft Pinks


Prada offers great everyday glasses that do not play too heavily on the sharpness of pink. Instead, they’ve introduced subtle blush complementing all skin tones.

Whether you want to be adventurous, vibrant or bright with your spring choices, be mysterious and somewhat alluring. These springtime trends can accommodate your style needs for the coming warmer months ahead. Welcome spring with a rejuvenated, and vitalised wardrobe including elements of nature, vibrancy and earthiness.

Read more on what is hot in 2017 here!

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