What is my Face Shape?

When it comes to buying a new pair of sunglasses we usually focus on trend rather than on what looks good on us. But do you know what your face shape is and what shades best suit it?

I will be posting different ideas during the next few days to help you ascertain what frames will make you stand out this summer but first of all, tie your hair back, stand in front of a mirror and look at your face shape carefully.

What shape is it? Round? Square? Oblong? Or Diamond? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what shape your face is so, look at this clip for a clear explanation on how to do tell and see which frames compliment each face type.

Measuring the dimensions of your face will give you an idea of what shape your face is:

  • Measure cheekbone to cheekbone: place the tape just below your eyes.
  • Measure jaw line: to find the ends of your jawbone you need to feel below your ears. Measure from one end of your jawbone to the other around the bottom of your face.
  • Measure face length: measure from the centre of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.
  • Measure forehead width: measure from one side of your hairline to the other side halfway between your eyebrows and top hairline.

Once you’ve made a note of all your measurements and found out the size of your face, you are then ready to determine the shape!  By looking at your measurements and comparing them to each other, make a drawing that reflects your measurements and the resulting shape is your face shape!

Keep reading to find out which of the following categories matches your face and remember, more details about which frames are best for each face shape are coming!  Not got a measuring tape?  Look at a few pictures of yourself and compare them with these basic tips:


Oval-shaped faces are considered to be the perfect ones when it comes to wearing glasses and pretty much any frame will look great on them. If your face has:

oval face shape

  • Balanced face proportions.
  • Fairly even features.

You are one of the lucky ones out there who basically can wear any frame they want. Just avoid using huge frames which would conceal your beautifully proportioned features.


You have an oblong-shaped face if:

Oblong face shape

  • Your face is longer than it is wide, with few angles.
  • You have angular features
  • You have high cheekbones and a tall forehead.

Oversized glasses will look great on you, but people with oblong-shaped faces should avoid using small frames.


It can be slightly difficult to tell a round-shaped face from an oval one. Round-shaped faces have:

Round Face Shape

  • Noticeable curves.
  • Few angles in the face.
  • Round cheeks and chin.
  • Width and length are in the same proportion.

If your face shape is round, you want to look for rectangular, square or shield frames.


Diamond-shaped faces have the following features:

Diamond facial shape

  • Narrow at the eye line and jawline.
  • Narrow forehead.
  • The widest part of the face are the cheekbones.

Diamond-shaped faces should use frames with gentle curves, such as rimless or oval to draw attention to the eyes, giving more width to balance the face. Try to avoid narrow frames that would draw attention to the narrow eye line.


Squared-shaped faces have the following characteristics:

Square face shape

  • Same length and width across the face.
  • Broad, deep forehead.
  • Wide jaw line and square chin.

You should consider using oval frames that are narrow in width, which help soften angles. You should avoid using thin, angular and square frames.


Faces with a heart shape are:

Heart shape face

  • Broad on the forehead.
  • Wide on the cheekbones.
  • Narrow and small on the chin.

Choose a pair of glasses which will provide contrast to your heart face shape with cat-eye styles, bottom-heavy frames or rimless frames which are light in colour. Avoid aviator frames as they imitate the shape of your face, instead of balancing it.


I’ll feature some frame models for each face shape in my future posts but in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you about your favourite styles for your face shape. Send us your pictures or tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram.

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