What To Do In Beijing

If you are en route to Beijing this summer, here are a few experiences you shouldn’t miss.

Beijing is a fascinating city, so remember to immerse yourself into the culture and learn as much as possible about the rich history.

Toboggan Down The Great Wall of China

No that was not a typo – you can actually toboggan down the Great Wall of China.

Make your way to the Mutianyu side of the wall and you can include that as a part of your tour.

It’s an incredible amount of fun, and a great way to end a tour of one of the most remarkable feats made by man.

Mutianyu is a bit further away, but it is worth going to that side of the Great Wall of China even if you are not going to toboggan.

The area tends to be a bit less busy, which makes sight-seeing a lot more comfortable and a lot less hectic.

Consider taking a guide with you so that they can explain a lot of the history and stories behind the walls.

It can get quite hot up on the wall if you are there in summer, with little/no shade.

Carry plenty of water as well as a hat and some sunnies.

Try on a pair of Ferucci Solaire 558 sunglasses – they are durable, smart and perfect for the occasion.

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Tour The Temples, Palaces & Forbidden City

There are so many different palaces and temples to visit whilst in Beijing, each one with their own story, design and style.

It is fascinating hearing about the history and many anecdotes that come with the location.

Again, it is recommended that you get a tour guide for these sites as they can tell you a lot more about them than the information boards (though these are not present everywhere).

We chose a day on our trip to visit a few of the temples/palaces within one tour.

This can work out well as you will be able to see a number of the sites within a day (and the tours usually provide transportation between the sites).

Have a look online as well as a chat with your hotel for the best deals.

There is little point going to these sites without a source of information about their significance, and history so choose your tour (and guide) well.

National Museum of China


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The National Museum of China is not only well designed, but is another great source of information.

A good tip when visiting a new place – visit their national museum on the first day that you arrive.

This helps give you a feel of the place, as well as a bit of background information.

I find it always useful to go into tours of specific places with a bit of general knowledge so that there is a bit of context.

With that in mind, you don’t need to spend hours on end in the museum if you do not want to (though there is certainly enough content in there if you do), but try target the areas which tickle your fancy.

Sanlitun (Bar Street)

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After a long day of sight-seeing, theres nothing like some good food and a good vibe.

Make your way to Sanlitun, also known as Bar Street for a taste of Beijing nightlife.

There are plenty of great bars, restaurants and shops in this area, so you may want to dedicate a bit of time here.

That being said, if you feel so inclined, also try out some of the many Beijing street food varieties (does your stomach dare?).

And perhaps you can get yourself a cocktail or two afterwards.

Tiananmen Square

Whilst you are around the Forbidden City and the National Museum, you might as well spend a little time absorbing the hustle around Tiananmen Square – do some people watching perhaps?

Whatever you end up doing in Beijing, explore and experience as much as possible.


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