What To Read This Summer

Summer means sun, sea…and plenty of time to catch up on all those novels you’ve been meaning to read for ages.

Haven’t got a to-read list handy? Here are some top tips to get your seasonal foray into fiction off to a flying start.

On the Plane

If flying is your least favorite part of the trip, we don’t blame you. Long queues for boarding, skin-parching recycled air. It doesn’t exactly scream ‘glamourous’.

However, you can make it work and get the most out of this in-between time; just give the in-flight entertainment a miss, pop in some ear plugs and imagine you’re already poolside.

Get yourself in the mood for exploring a new culture by dipping into Mexican cult classic ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ (Como Agua Para Chocolate) by Laura Esquivel.

This immersive tale is centered around the tragedies, resilience and romances of the De La Garza family.

Laced with recipes and seduction, the importance of food is brought alive through its relationship to the life events of the characters.

If this is your first time exploring magical realism, prepare for a whirring sensory experience; perfect for forgetting you’re actually squeezed in between two strangers on a cramped plane!

Absolutely one of my FAVORITES by the very talented @by_the_cover although as you look through her work, it's hard to choose only one favorite. . . Her original post: "Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel 1989 by Mondadori (Spanish) 1993 by Random House Black Swan (English) . . I raced home from the airport to try and get a picture of this while it was still light. I was not very successful. Still. Like Water for Chocolate is the first translated book of the project, and probably chronologically one of the first ones I read. When I was way to young to get a lot of the sex and the nuance. But I get it now… anyway, beautiful book about love and passion and always makes me want to enjoy cooking. . . #bythecover #likewaterforchocolate #paperart #papercut #requiredreading"

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You’ve probably heard your friends mention Elena Ferrante, or recognise the name but can’t put your finger on why. What’s all the buzz about?

Ferrante — a pseudonym — is the Italian author of the highly acclaimed Neapolitan Series.

The four books explore the friendship of two girls, Elena and Lila, from working class families in Naples.

Spanning their childhood, adult life, and old age, the novels offer perspectives on female friendship that are rarely explored.

The brutality of the city and the political turmoil running through Italy lurks, ever present, in the background, while the psychological insight of the characters really hits home — even if you’re a million miles away.

Grab ‘My Brilliant Friend’, the first in the series (and the shortest too), to get stuck into on your flight.

Poolside Reading

Imagine this: you’re chilling by the pool, catching some well-earned rays, sipping on a mojito.

Sound like bliss? Make the most of your me time and dive into some recent fiction.

We love ‘The Glorious Heresies’ by Lisa McInerney. Set in Cork, Ireland, McInerney’s witty writing style allows her to tackle troubling topics without sending the reader into despair.

In 2016 it won the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, so it must be on to something.

Don’t forget your shades! We love this bold pair from Chloé:

Chloe CE122S

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Books To Take You Through Winter

If you’ve not read ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara yet, we highly recommend.

Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2015, and the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2016, this novel has all the credentials of a modern classic.

The novel follows the lives of four friends living in New York. As their lives become increasingly intertwined, you’ll become more and more involved in their individual tragedies and it’ll get harder and harder to put down.

We're reading #BaileysPrize shortlistee A Little Life this cloudy Monday. What book are you escaping with today?

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Finally, ‘Half of a Yellow Sun‘ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gets our vote whatever time of year it is.

Set during the Nigerian civil war, it’s as harrowing as it is engaging. One thing’s for sure: after you’ve read it you’ll be straight down the nearest bookshop looking for more from Adichie.

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