What’s All The Fuss About Ian Wright’s Glasses?


Who’d have thought Ian Wright would become an eyewear trendsetter after his long professional footballer career?!  Well not us that’s for sure.

Of course we’re talking about the dashing specs Wrighty was wearing last night in the commentary pre England vs France friendly game at Wembley Stadium, they attracted quite a bit of attention!

But this is not the first time his glasses have caused a stir, last year he even seemed confused himself as to why the general public were in such an uproar about them:

Whilst there were plenty of tweets flying around that tried to tease poor old Wrighty about them, we think he wears a pair of specs well!

Last night in particular he was seen to be wearing a subtly chic square frame, that he was wearing earlier on in the day in an interview on the BBC Radio 4 today programme:


Although we’re unable to tell which pair exactly Ian is wearing, we’re going to hazard a guess they could be the Ray-Ban RX5287.   If you look at the shape and design both frames have a square and deep lens height with the arms going directly back from the top of the temple: Ian_Wright_Ray_Ban_Glasses? Of course, I couldn’t resist reflecting back on “armless glasses gate”, which also involved Ian and his spectacles.  Just a few weeks ago on another commentary show Ian shocked the nation by wearing similar square glasses, but with only one arm!

Hilarity ensued, obviously, but the confusion and outcry was soon cleared up by the man himself when he tweeted to explain he sat on them before the show – I think we’ve all been there!  

At least you can’t hate on the guy for giving us some laughs!  Anyway back to the topic in hand, his latest square frame glasses are a change to his usual circle style we saw him wearing for much of last year:


Again Wrighty has gone for a classic design which is both understated but fashionable – this guy knows his stylish glasses!  We think these ones above look similar to our lovely Infinity P6185 glasses:


Or perhaps our Hallmark 6008, if you were to compare them to the glasses he wears in the above featured image; the same clear round lens, but this time thin sleek arms.

Is Ian Wright a fan of Harry Potter we hear you ask?  He could be, or he could just be a fan of wonderful specs:


Whatever the specs, you can’t deny his specs have created a lot of attention, on some occasions his glasses have even been deemed more interesting than the football his commentating on!

We love them though, but tell us which camp you’re in; does Wrighty suit specs, or not?  And Ian mate, if you’re reading get in touch!  We’d love to know if we’ve guessed the brands right.

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