Which Lens Colour Is Right For You?

Sunglasses come in a huge range of different styles, shapes and with a variety of lens colours. The different coloured lenses aren’t just for aesthetic purposes.

Each different colour is designed for a specific purpose and for different light conditions.

So, make sure you read this guide before making your purchase to ensure that the sunnies you are buying are suitable for their intended use!



Green lenses come in a variety of different shades – they can be bright and mirrored like the pair above, or much more subtle if this is more to your taste.

Green lenses are perfect for general purpose use but are also great for low light and foggy conditions.

This is because they can help to brighten shadows and also offer a good contrast for these low light conditions.

The green can also help reduce glare – great for when you are wearing them in wet weather conditions.

Get the look with the Givenchy GV 7049/S. We adore the retro styling of these and the subtle green lenses.

Givenchy GV 7049/S

Givenchy GV 7049/S


Blue lenses are great for those of you who want a pair of sunnies which will really help reduce glare.

The blue light will help to reduce glare off of snow, wet surfaces and in foggy conditions.

For this reason, blue lenses are a great option for when you need to have the best possible vision at all times.

They are a popular option for people who want some good sports sunglasses or some suitable eyewear for driving.

The O’Neill ONS-SHORE-P would be a good option to go for!




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Red lenses help to reduce eye strain and are actually very comforting to the eyes – great if you are spending a lot of time in very bright conditions.

They provide very good road visibility, so are the lens colour of choice for many road cyclists and long distance drivers.

Get the look with the Bigatmo IONO 0495.

Bigatmo IONO 0495

Bigatmo IONO 0495


Brown lenses are great for everyday wear, but also help to improve depth perception as they contain a red element which helps increase contrast.

Therefore, they are a popular choice for golfers, tennis players and other sports where distance needs to be judged.

Get the look with the Savannah 8121 – Tortoise (Sunglasses).

 Savannah 8121 - Tortoise (Sunglasses)

Savannah 8121 – Tortoise (Sunglasses)


Go for grey or black lenses if you want to reduce glare whilst also making sure the colours that you see are as true-to-life as possible.

Black lenses also provide the greatest light reduction which helps to prevent eye fatigue.

Get the look with the Oliver Peoples OV5349S REMICK.

 Oliver Peoples OV5349S REMICK

Oliver Peoples OV5349S REMICK


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Yellow lenses really help to brighten up low light conditions, so go for these if you plan on being active early in the morning or in the evenings.

Yellow lenses can also filter out blue light which can lead to eye strain and headaches.

You may want to consider this colour if you expect to be in foggy or misty conditions too, as they will improve visibility.

Get the look with the Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ783S.

Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ783S

Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ783S

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