Which Sunglasses Match Your Holiday?

Holiday season is finally here! As the days are getting warmer we’re already thinking about what to pack in our suitcase when it’s time to escape to our holiday destination.

Whether you’ve still not decided where you’re going, or already booked up and ready to go, we have some suggestions what to add to your trip to make this summer unforgettable:

1. Florence, Italy

Is there a more romantic way to spend your vacation than in the heart of Tuscany and one of the most fashionable cities in the world? With its amazing artistic heritage and delicious cuisine, Florence will instantaneously make you fall in love with the city itself.

But what you might not have known is this gem is also the home to fashion brand Gucci and with that in mind, it makes sense we’d recommend sticking to some of Gucci’s prestigious models, such as the GG 3644/S (below).  Brownish rims, the Gucci double G logo epitomising luxury and sophistication, much like Florence itself!


2. Paris, France


“We’ll always have Paris…”  The city of love, light and style.  We agree with Audrey Hepburn; Paris is always a good idea.  Sometimes there are no words adequate enough to describe this beautiful city, so let’s move on to suggesting a pair of shades wonderful enough to match it.

As Paris is one of the world’s best known fashion hubs, Céline is one of the French fashion giants and this CL 41053/S model just infuse Parisian glamour and a bit of je ne sais quoi, non?  (More colours available.)


3. Honolulu, Hawaii

What is your first thought when a summer holiday comes to mind? Somewhere with a beach of course! So our third destination has got to be Honolulu, Hawaii where celebs love to spend their holidays on this magical island, famous for it’s white sand, azure blue sea and…

Maui Jim – yep, this sunglass brand heralds from the aloha state and boosts a diverse range of sunglasses from wrap-around styles, for the active wearers, and trendy wayfarers or oval frames in tortoiseshell.  For example, check out the McGregor Point frame, perfect with a typical Hawaiian flowered necklace and a hula skirt.


4. Wetterstein Mountains, Germany

Finally, for those who prefer the tranquility of striding up mountains (or cruising up on the cable car,) Germany’s exquisite summer resorts, particularly the stunning Wetterstein Mountains, are calling for you.  You can’t argue with German engineering, or it’s sophisticated style too.

Hugo Boss has always been a brand to encompass refined and high quality products.  It’s no change with the HUGO 0108/S either, now pass us a stein!


Let us know where you’ll be heading this summer in the comments section below – or tag us in a selfie with your sunnies on our Twitter or Instagram.  We’d love to see your holiday snaps!

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