Who’s Stolen Elton John’s Glasses??


Hold the press – a pair of Elton John’s glasses have been stolen!  The heart-shaped signature pair the famous singer wore through a hit of his songs in the 70’s have reportedly been pinched from a museum in America.

The Rock n’ Soul Museum in Memphis, previous home to the specs, noticed them missing on Tuesday night and have no idea how it happened.

Yep, whoever it was managed to open the lock on the display case and walk away with the vintage glasses, allegedly insured for over $2,000 – all whilst avoiding surveillance cameras.


As we have no clue who and what kind of monstrous person would snap away Sir Elton John’s glasses without permission, instead we’re offering condolences to poor Elton and the museum.

Although we don’t have as grand heart shaped frames as the pair stolen, as approved suppliers of Miu Miu and Moschino we feel some frames we have available could slot in easily with Elton’s eccentric eyewear style.


This is the first theft from an exhibit in the Rock’n’Soul Museum’s 15 year history!

The museum posted a message on their Facebook page yesterday , however the man behind the specs Elton has yet to make a comment.

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