Why I Ditched Contacts For Glasses

Which one is left? Which one is right? Where am I supposed to put back my contacts? Blue or white cap? Have I left them in the solution long enough? Am I still wearing my lenses? Is there something in my eye? Where are my lenses? Did I lose them?

I very much remember the time I wanted to wear contact lenses; It was a time not to forget.

The Final Straw

The hassle of taking care, removing, putting on, remembering whether they were on or off, having a foreign body in my eyes, rubbing my eyes every other minute, not wanting to swim, dragging my self to the shower and so many other daily activities, lead me to give up on contacts.

I would always use eye drops as my eyes were sore, red, irritated and itchy almost every minute; The agony of withstanding the discomfort of plastic getting in the way of the simple act of blinking, lead me to switch to spectacles.

Wearing contact lenses puts you at risk of several serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop very quickly and can be very serious. In rare cases, these conditions can cause blindness. – U.S Food and Drug Administration

Since I have been using prescription glasses; my life and eyesight have improved drastically.

Positive Effects of Lenses

I don’t have to worry about eye drops, wasting almost 30 minutes each day, wearing the lenses, taking care of them, and most of all; no more touching the inside of my eyes.

It takes me 3-5 seconds to wipe my lenses and another second to put them on; Voila; Life is good.

If you don’t take time to take care of yourself and change your bad habits into healthier ones, no one else will and eventually you will fall victim to an unproductive lifestyle.

Familiarize yourself with the latest health tips so you become the best you can be.

Selecting The Right Pair

If you’re new to spectacles and would like an easy to follow guide; check Selectspecs to find out more about the various types of glasses they offer so you can pick the most suitable for your face to effortlessly look your best.

Selectspecs have also put a simple video together to help you with choosing glasses that will fit the shape of your face.

When you finally come to the decision of giving up your contacts and experiencing a whole new world behind a pair of specs, not only will you have an easier life when getting ready for a night or a day out, but you will also attract more attention.

People with glasses have the advantage of looking more presentable, confident and a greater sense of carrying themselves than the ones without.

Check out these Latest Spring/Summer 2017 specs by RayBan; The Brown Havana frames will match almost any outfit you wear, and keep you looking stylish at any time of day.

Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster

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